JPJ Shortlisted Interview Candidates 2008

In the latest intake announcement, JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) has announced its list of successful candidates to be called for the next round of interview.

The application and fulfillment of the job vacancies are handled by SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) and was done through the SPA 8 form. The intake is done on year round basis and interviews are arranged progressively.

For those who applied for the job, you know who you are. By now, or soon, you should have received a letter from SPA informing of your status. The interview round is to be held on 29 June 2008 (Sunday) in Kem Tok Sakah, Teluk Senangin, Perak, and commencing at 8.30am. More than 700 candidates are short listed for the interview.

Jabatan Pengangkutan JalanTo get details of successful candidates, as well as the location map, click the following links, provided by JPJ website.

1. Senarai Calon Berjaya.

2. Peta Lokasi

Good luck. Do not forget to bring the offer letter from SPA, photocopies of IC and other transcripts, as well as other documents as requested. If you have any inquiry, contact Unit Perjawatan & Perkhidmatan, Ibu Pejabat, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) Malaysia at 03-8886 6438.

22 Replies to “JPJ Shortlisted Interview Candidates 2008”

  1. I’m very interested to apply any job related position in your company.i have celtificate engineering from polytechnic sultan azlan shah, behrang tanjung malim

  2. Saya sangat berminat utk berkerja di jabatan ini saya sangat berharap di beri peluang utk bersama-sama bertugas di jawatan ini

  3. selamat sejahtera,di sini saya ingin menyatakan saya amat berminat dalam kerjaya jpj kerana saya amat berminat dalam automotif dan sekarang saya bekerja sebagai automotif technician di salah sebuah sektor swasta,kini saya telah bekerja selama 5 tahun dalam bidang ini,saya amat2 mengharapkan pekerjaan ini,saya berharap agar dapat di beri peluang bekerja di jabatan ini

  4. saya ucapakan tahniah kpd yg dah berjaya menjadi petugas di jabatan ini..saya amat mgagumi jabatan ini kerana displin yg dtunjukan oleh petugas dan kerja yg sentiasa mencabar..walaupun tak berkelulusan saya tetap memohon jawatan ini dan di harapkan agar permohonan saya di pertimbangkan..jpj adalah cita cita saya…

  5. Im very happy if i get a job in JPJ department. Because i love to contribute for our goverment development. I love malaysia and i will be the most luckiest and happiest guy to do this job. Im really desperate looking for a goverment job to support my faily and myself at the same time. i really hop i can get this job.

    1. mula-mula layari portal rasmi laman web JPJ dan klik peluang kerjaya dalam laman web JPJ dan terdapat gred tertentu untuk peluang pekerjaan pegawai penguatkuasa jpj dan lepas tu layari laman web untuk memohon permohonan pekerjaan jpj dan merujuk di spa gred yang diambil kira dalam portal laman web rasmi jpj [peluang kerjaya dlm laman web rasmi JPJ]

  6. Im so lucky if i have a chance to become a JPJ officer.Im realy interested to work at JPJ Department.When i was study at University,i always race with my friend using motorbike which have been modify.My bike also always have summon when police doing roadblock.So now,im relize that thing so very stupid.That why,i want to become a JPJ officer because i want to reduce and stop all the stupid thing of “REMPIT”.Thank you..

  7. pe syarat2 kmasukan tuk memohon jawatan dlm jpj..same cam polis ke…ketinggian,berat bdn sume diambil kire ke?mnta beri pendapat pd sesiape yg arif..

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