Career With MBAS

MBAS (Majlis Bandaraya Alor Setar) has just opened a number of job vacancies to be filled by qualified applications and is now receiving resumes and applications. Some of the positions made available to candidates at the moment include Accountant (Grade W41), IT Officer (F41), Auditor (W41), Assistant Engineer (J29), Valuation Officer (W41), Administrative Assistant (N17) and General Driver (R3).

Each of the position advertised comes with its own set of requirements, which must be fulfilled by interested candidates. As a general rule, all applicants vying for any of the positions advertised must be holding Malaysian citizenship and are at least 18 years old at the time of applying. Priority will be given to those who hailed from Kedah.

Full details of the job vacancies list and requirements here. Deadline of application is on 2 August 2009, about 2 weeks from now.

While the job openings offer some cheers to the currently inconsistent job market, the application method that comes with the positions may be troublesome to many. No online job application is accommodated. Instead, candidates need to go through the hassle of getting the application form from the HR department of the MBAS head office, located at Jalan Kolam Air, Alor Setar. RM1 fee will be incurred for each of the job application.

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