goes TV is starting to make its presence felt in the Malaysia job and recruitment market by featuring in the TV advert (NTV7). As far as I remember, this will be the third recruitment company in Malaysia to appear in the television after and I know, some job seeker will say, “Nah, I don’t need this. I only register with this because it’s the largest and most reliable and so on…”

I can understand his feeling. Perhaps he had a bad experience registering with JobsAndMore some time ago and had to endure a frustration when JobsAndMore went bust. A year ago, JobsAndMore was seen one of the young and promising recruitment portals after its launching in Dec 2005. The founder, Andrew Diamond claimed JobsAndMore were having more than 300,000 jobseekers before a lawsuit forced them for a closure.

I never encourage job seekers to rely on one single recruitment website or agency. I also do not agree when people say it’s better to work with a renowned and large agency, the larger the better. Why? When an agency is large, the number of job seekers is also large. Hence you have greater competition. When there are a lot of success stories told, there are a lot of failure stories untold. Hence, it’s better to work with an agency that provide s service close to your specialization and niche; the higher the specialization the better.

How can you know this? Simple. To know how strong a job agency is in a particular job specialization, just call up the agency, ask them if you could talk to any recruiter in charge of your specialization (say, Human Resource Planning) and ask them few questions like:

1. What is the market situation as they know at the moment? Are there many companies recruiting for this type of position at the moment?

2. What are the position levels and positions related to your specializations they have filled up recently?

3. If you know how to drill, you may get information about which companies are looking actively looking for people like you.

It will also be good for you to know them so that in the future you may engage with them in a job placement with their client.

Back to Less than a year ago I wrote about the new look on the (in an old, deleted website) where people now can register and browse for jobs at their convenience. If you haven’t know this, belong to an international search & recruitment agency by the name of Jen International, which was established in 1991 and provides permanent staffing, contract and outsourcing services. By the way, I have not registered with to dig and share more details about their strengths, user experience, features, advantage, shortcomings and so on. I will provide a comprehensive review once this is done. Those who have registered can leave their comments about your experience here.
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  1. Yes, starting to notice this ambitious company too at expositions etc. Not a single one job consulting company fully delivers in Malaysia to-date, yet, many more new companies keep popping up, promising to connect more employees to their right job with their customers’…

  2. Maybe you can have a look on our website? Lolx…I’m not going to comment on Jenjobs as we are competitor and thus quite sensitive to comment on it, however, I agree that working under small company is much better than the big and well established one. Job seekers especially fresh graduates who wish to gain real experience should find those small company or newly established one, as you will have the chance to learn everything from different departments.

    Feel free to visit


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