Job Interview Thank You Letter

Following is a sample of a job interview thank you letter, sent to the interviewer when the event is done.

Note that if you wish to send a thank you note, make sure that the letter is short and concise. Emphasizing again your professional achievements is not really needed in the resume. Rather, it is a way of expression your gratitude to the interviewer for his or her time spent in the interview.

Dear (Interviewer),

Just a small note to express my sincere thanks for your time spent to discuss possible opportunity between myself and Aquarius Ltd yesterday.

I am thrilled to have learned a lot about the organization and the job, at the same time grateful of your generosity to go all the way down explaining about the roles, expectation and deliverables of the position.

I realized that yesterday’s job interview has ascertained my conviction that you have the team I long to work with. I very much to hear about your decision soon.

Again, I appreciate your time for the job interview, and I look forward to be acquainted with you in the future. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Job Applicant

3 Replies to “Job Interview Thank You Letter”

  1. Good post. I think not enough candidates bother with this rather important marketing tool. However, in addition to the above, I think the Thank You letter should bring up any additional selling points that the candidates feel was not sufficiently emphasised.

    Remember, the Thank You letter is also a marketing tool to sell yourself further.

    Just my 2 sen opinion…Ooops… I mean 0 sen after rounding down…sigh!

  2. hi,
    i was juz wondering is the thank you letter well-known to malaysian society?
    wont the CEO of the company get annoyed receiving such letter?
    thank u…

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