Good Job Prospect for Pilots

Job prospect for pilots looking much better

The job prospect for pilots and the wannabes had been put in limbo in recent years with many airlines downsizing, grounding their planes and even quitting the airline business altogether.

Once considered a lucrative profession, the career prospect for pilots in the past 5 years had not been all flowery. In the last four years, many of those who completed their pilot training courses ended up scrambling for job vacancies, with openings hardly coming their way. Not a pretty picture, considering the amount of training fees one has to fork in order to obtain a pilot license and certification.

But things are changing for the better.

Analysts’ sources are beginning to show in what is seemed as a turnaround of fortune for pilots and those aspiring to enter the profession. It is estimated that for the next few years, the demand for pilots worldwide will undergo a tremendous growth. In fact, the pilot hiring is estimated to hit the record high in the history of aviation in a couple of years to come.

It is also interesting to note that the Asia is poised to surpass North America as the biggest market of air travelling in the world. China, now the world’s biggest economy, has not shown any sign of halt in their economic growth. The country’s airline industry is growing like nobody’s business, thanks to its remarkable growth in the past decade.

Last year, Beijing Airport (Beijing Capital International Airport) became the second busiest airport in the world.

Malaysia is also not doing to bad in the Southeast Asiaregion. The country’s long-haul budget airline, AirAsia X, is on the path of the more glorious things, having won numerous coveted awards from the airline bodies, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Tony Fernandes, a well-respected businessman and entrepreneur.

The even better news is that, barring any major disaster (natural or man-planned), this positive trend would not slow down even after more than 10 years. As Boeing predicted, in about a decade and a half, the world will see a need of 0.5 million more pilots to fill up the growing demand in the booming-again industry.

That’s about over 20 thousand new pilots every year. Certainly, the job prospect for pilots looks to be beaming positively.

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