Job Scam Victim Ended with a Death Sentence

Currently, the media stream is highlighting a number of cases involving Malaysian women duped into becoming drug traffickers. They were promised high pay for carrying packages and goods overseas and for most cases, they did not even know what they were carrying in their hands.

The latest being of Umi Azlim Mohamad Lazim, a Kelantanese, who was caught in Guangzhou, China carrying 3 kilograms of heroin.

Tragically, Umi Azlim, 23 was handed a death sentenced, and now is given 2 years to appeal for a lighter sentence. She will be celebrating her 24th birthday next month in the Shantou Detention Camp.

Umi was a former graduate in Universiti Malaysia Sabah, UMS, studying in Biological Science.

According to their parents, who went to see her in China, a friend showed their daughter an internet job advertisement which offered opportunities for overseas traveling. Umi was lured to take the job due to the promise of high salary. Upon commencing work, she was asked to send goods overseas like an international courier.

Umi Azlim's Death Sentence in ChinaI feel sorry for the parents to see their eldest daughter ends up in a difficult predicament. And again, careful guys with all the hanky-panky recruitment companies around. Don’t be blinded with the offer of stash of money, make sure you know what you will be doing. In case of Umi, it is even far more tragic than losing money to scam recruitment agencies. We are talking about life at stake here.

To date, as many as 37 people are convicted or awaiting trial for drug-related offence in China.

Picture courtesy of The Star Online.

11 Replies to “Job Scam Victim Ended with a Death Sentence”

  1. Terrible ending for these folks who’re eagerly looking for job, but at end there are alway parties that trying to take opportunities of their desperateness.

    Watch out friends, stay alert. Keep an eye to an offer that too good to be true, there is always something behind it

    Hopefully, they’ll come back safe to their family, Amin..

  2. According to the news, if the appeal is successful, the sentence can be reduced to life sentence.

    Still, I think life sentence is still a pity. Yes, I pray they all will come back home safely.

  3. i think this also shows how uneducated malaysians are when we are faced with scams, how i wish we can educate them in a formal manner on this…

  4. From a personal perspective, I find it hard that to believe that anyone would bring an unknown cargo into another country especially via air travel.

    The security in airports are the strictest compared to any other forms of travel and with good reason.

    Saying that you’re just “helping somebody” by transporting an unknown cargo is just plain reckless and even stupid.

    Right now, I’m torn between feeling sorry for the student and also wondering if she’s just playing the “naive innocent” card.

    Either way, hope this becomes a lesson to others.

  5. This case is one of thousands cases which is in the same category “Wanna Easy Money”. I 100% agree with Azmeen, helping somebody by transporting something that u dont even know what in the hell is it is realy stupid action. And the word “help” but with offer of big money is double the stupidness and hard to believe. And I also 100% agree of a death sentence for drug traffickers because they have ruin many people in their way to get money. In Malaysia, there’s still a lot of job waiting for U and you still can be rich in a legal way if U work hard. But if U “WANNA EASY MONEY” then U have to pay the price for it. If she innocent then I pray for her to be released but if she’s not, then I hope others will take this as a lesson.

  6. Thanks Azmeen. Actually I was modifying the last theme when it went haywire and the thing was broken into pieces. So no choice, had to find replacement.

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  8. salam..saya doakan semoga umi azlim tabah dengan dugaan Allah ini..kami doakan umi azlim bebas sekiranya beliau terbukti tidak bersalah..sama2la kita berdoa kerana saya pasti beliau terperangkap dgn sindiket pengedaran dadah antarabangsa..takziah juga diucapkan kepada keluarga beliau di atas kematian ibu beliau baru2 ini…al fatihah..

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