Job Search Tactics During Recession

Recession is never a good news for us all. Some of you might get a pay cut while others get sacked. While recession seems to be a gloom for most of us, we can still find a silver lining somewhere over the rainbow. If you are looking for a job, why not learn a few tips on finding a job during recession?

When you look for a job, you scan through the newspapers for hours, surf the internet for days and maybe walk around the town looking for a ‘hiring’ signboard. The truth is, with a few simple tips, you will be able to get a job quickly even in the darkest time of all.

1. Persistence.

If you have this, you are a winner. Being persistent is to keep in touch with the HR managers who interviewed you before. Usually, once you have attended an interview, it is best to contact the HR manager from time to time so that you don’t lose contact with this person, who might change your life. Beware not to be labeled as pest, though. Daily contact is way too disturbing. Once in a week or two seems to be more acceptable. You can even arrange to have lunch together. By building up a relationship with a HR manager, you have a higher chances of getting a job, if not for the company itself.

2. Proactive.

If you are a website designer, there is no harm in producing a draft on how you can improve a company’s website, especially the company that is hiring. By showing how you can contribute to the company, you can increase the chances of getting the job. If you have no time to prepare, make sure that your cover letter and resume clearly state the reasons why hiring you would be most beneficial to the company.

3. Creative.

We know the most traditional way of getting a job is to submit your cover letter and resume to the hiring companies. However, why not do something different? Maybe you can create a slide show highlighting your previous experience. You can even burn a DVD or make a video as a substitute to the conventional resume on a paper. This is one of the ways to attract immediate attention from the HR managers. Who knows you might be hired on the spot.

These are just simple and practical ways of getting hired. If you can come up with more ways of getting a job during recession, share your thoughts with us.

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