Job Seekers in Johor to Find Jobs Easier

The Johor state government has vowed to make Johorian job seekers’ lives easier in finding jobs by creating a more efficient job matching system for the state’s Manpower department (Jabatan Sumber Manusia).

This was told by M Asojan, the state Executive Councilor for Unity, Human Resource, Science, Technology and Innovation to The Star on Monday.

According to him, one of the plans in the pipeline is to create a database of job seekers according to industry needs and specialization. And to be able for the state government to do that, job seekers are urged to register themselves with the manpower department.

Once the data is ready, it will be burnt into compact discs and made available to industry players. So if an employer who comes from a particular industry, e.g. Hotel or Hospitality is in need of employees, they can get the database CD of job seekers in the industry.

The database comes together with the job seekers contact details so that the employer can contact them directly.

Do you think this can work?

Jobs in Johor. Jawatan Kosong JohorFrom my own experience, not really. In 2003, a local recruitment agency based in Penang published a periodical monthly magazine that listed down the job seekers with their contact details (and pictures too) so that potential employers can buy the magazine and contact them (think Motor Trader). After a few months, the publication was discontinued.

In the employment world, employer usually does not seek if the job seekers are interested to work with them, except when we are talking really niche or experienced professionals – this is where head hunting or executive search comes about. It is the other way round – the job seekers need to indicate their interest first, and send their job application to the employers.

Secondly, people who ‘drop’ their contact somewhere would soon forget it, get on with their life and the soon task of convincing them that they have put up their details somewhere can be intimidating. And finally, exposing your contact details will pose a threat to the many scammers out there who are peeping their opportunities to manipulate the loop holes, and then swarm their victims with plethora of junks.

Nevertheless, let’s give some benefits of the doubt and hope job seekers in Johor can find some benefits in this initiative.

Image: The Star

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