user – How do I Apply Jobs Through SMS?

For job seekers, in case you haven’t notice, now apart from getting job alerts from via SMS Alert, you can also apply jobs through SMS via a little cute new feature known as SMS Apply.

It’s not a free service but the charge for a single SMS is fairly priced at 30 cents. Currently this service is only available to jobseekers in Malaysia, and not applicable if you’re overseas having a roaming facility. And off course you will need to make sure your Jobstreet resume is currently up to date before sending your job application.

How does it work? There are 2 ways to do this. One is to get the Job Code that comes together in the online adverts or newspapers. Secondly, if no Job Code is available, you can take down the email address of where the application should go. When your job application is successfully delivered, you will get a confirmation SMS.

Finding Job Code:

Finding email address:

In addition, if you use email address method, you will get a copy of your application sent to the employer’s email address. The employer will receive an email from Jobstreet implying that you’re applying for an advertised vacancy in their company using your Jobstreet resume. (Note that you can apply for jobs to any company regardless whether they advertise in Jobstreet or has never been a client as long as you know their email address).

As for how to write the SMS message and number to send, refer diagram below.

Apply using Job Code: JSA [space] Apply [space] JobCode

Apply using email add:
JSA [space] Apply [space] CompanyEmail [space] PositionTitle

You can also check the status of your applications in your account later.

Pretty cool, heh?

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