Kedai Makan RM2 Ringgit

When every other traders and business owners decided it’s time to increase the price of their goods and services in response to the recent astronomical fuel price hike, there are a handful of souls who are still committed to taking care of the welfare of public and their customers.

One of them is Khalid Ahmad, a restaurant owner nearby the jetty Kuala Kedah, which is named Kedai Makan RM2. Unlike others, Khalid chooses to maintaining his rate of RM2 which is inclusive of meals and drink. Believe it or not, that is the price he has been charging since 20 years ago, and he does not intend to increase the price, even at the testing time now.

For one meal, a customer can have a white rice, together with dishes like fish, chicken, meat and vegetables. And the RM2 price tag also includes drink too!

Kedai Makan RM2 RinggitBecause of his generosity, a number of people actually insisted to pay more than RM2 as the price is considered too cheap considering the increasing cost of living. Most of his first time customers would be put in state of shock when first knowing the price he offered.

Apart from the regular customers coming in to his Kedai Makan RM2, there are also nearby factories which subscribe to his catering service, which he charges only additional 50 cents for delivery fee.

God bless him.

Story and image: Utusan Malaysia

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  1. This should be put on front page of any newspaper
    1..Even 30 cent oil price hick before the recent rate, most restaurants owner increase their Teh tarik by 50 Cent or even worst by RM1. Don’t know how much they will charge after this although the price of major materials supply are controlled..Shame on them!

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