Laid Off Engineer in Killing Spree

Frustrated over being laid off from his job, a disgruntled engineer from Silicon Valley, California decided to take the matter into his own hands and killed three people, all believed to be his former co-workers and managers.

Yesterday, the man, known as Jing Wu, shot dead the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sid Agrawal and the Operation’s Vice President, Brian Pugh, who were both high ranking managers at SiPort Inc., the company he worked before he was terminated.

The third victim’s identity, a woman, was yet to be made public.

The shocking incident happened inside the company compound, near the office building when the suspect came back after being fired from job to exact revenge. Soon after the fatal shooting, Jing Wu was said to leave the company premise in a sports utility vehicle.

His last position was reported to be as a lead product test engineer. The 47-year old suspect, who is still at large, is now being located and the police are still searching for his whereabouts.

As the slump of the weakening economy continues, companies from all sort of industries have started to retrench people in order to cut cost and reduce losses. SiPort is a medium size semiconductor company specializing in fabless technology and develops silicon solutions mainly for the mobile market.

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  1. It’s normal in this situation. I personally have an experience with layoff in the middle of wife giving birth to my newborn child. It’s a frustrated time, and anyone may take action without thinking.

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