Life as a MAS Pilot

Life as a pilot – a MAS pilot

A lot of people have this ambition of becoming a pilot. Certainly, the path of becoming one of those people navigating a plane or aircraft would not be that straight forward. There are lot of huddles to clear, from the basic education, physical requirements, as well as the financial aspect, which requires some thoughtful consideration.

There will be rewards for those finally attaining a status as a pilot. The job comes with good pay and compensation and the benefits of traveling to new places, learning about new cultures and so on.

When it comes to knowing a thing or two about a pilot’s job, nothing would be closer than hearing from a real pilot himself. Captain Liaw Kui Siong is a commercial pilot with Malaysia Airlines (MAS), and he has with him an accumulated experience of over 21 years and more than 10,000 of flying hours– a long and respected exposure indeed.

After chancing upon an advertisement by MAS for cadet pilot recruitment program, Liaw applied for the program and was one of those successful candidates offered. A pilot cadetship program can cost up to a few hundred thousand ringgit in fees, but with this MAS program, practically it’s a scholarship – it’s free and comes with a job guarantee.

Liaw did not think twice and accepted the offer. He has never looked back since. It looks as if he would stay until his retirement.

His main job as a senior pilot is to fly the Boeing 777 to various destinations across the world as assigned. And while most of the modern cockpit systems today run on automated systems, a pilot needs to have excellent technical know-how in case of emergency needing manual maneuvering. As a senior, Liaw also train new and the less experienced pilots.

As admitted by Captain Liaw, a pilot’s job won’t guarantee your first millions by the age of 30, but the salary as a pilot is decent and on the high scale. It would give you comfortable life.

Captain Liaw’s story orinally appeared on The Star.

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