Malaysia Short of Architects

In a country rich with its architectural wonders e.g. The Twin Tower , The Putrajaya and so on, it will be shocking to hear that Malaysia itself is short of Architects. According to Dr Tan Loke Mun, President of Malaysia Institute of Architects, who spoke to The Star, there were some 1600 professional architects in Malaysia 10 years ago.

Today, the number remains the same. Compared to Australia, which has a similar number of population with Malaysia, there are presently around 12,000 professional architects.

Malaysia aims to have 10,000 architects by the year of 2020. I guess sooner or later the world will recognize Malaysia as a place which is not conducive to produce anything good despite the ‘best efforts’ made.

Just look at the brain drain issue and the Malaysia football (‘tak makan nasi ke?’), which has reached a new, shocking low level (see more ramblings by AkuBetul and Azwan). I am also sure if the country is blessed with kids who can play good football, they will too soon migrate to countries that can give better opportunity for them and make them better players. Just look at Titus James Palani, who now plays for FC Villenoy, France.

Yet, some people did well even though the environment is not encouraging enough for them to make good living. One particular example is Benny Wong who draws manga as a full time job. Recently, Benny’s Bahasa Malaysia Manga, ‘Le Gardenie’, was chosen as the 3rd prize winner in the Japan’s inaugural International Manga Award, dubbed as the ‘Nobel Prize’ of the Manga World. He was competing with 146 contestants from 25 countries worldwide.

According to Benny, who spoke to The Star, “Wow, this is so unexpected. I’ve been through a lot of struggle and I work very hard, but sometimes I feel lost and don’t know what I am doing. This award woke me up.” Kudos.

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  1. hurm…i think the major problem is about getting the project. i got a few friends that went pro already but it seems so hard for them to get a project. eventhough they got that flair in design, experience and stuff, is still hard for them. so..what is the problem..? we got several of those corridor things going on…but still…it is hard to get a project…money corruption i guest…?

    har har har~!

  2. Hi.I know I’m kind of off in this topic here but I’m looking for a college or institute that provides architecture course.Any GOOD suggestions?By the way,after reading the posts here..I’m kind of worried for my future but I’m really serious of studying architecture so I’m just gonna go ahead with it.hehe

  3. If the facts are true,then it must be jobs are lesser and the reputation of pay masters(clients) are not good either.In China the fees are paid in advance-30% on commencement of design.Whereas over here 30% of less is paid on completion of works and moreever this fees have to be obtain thro ligitation.So who will survive this unappreciated profession

    1. if you can get your fees back you are lucky!…or else…you are almost doing free service for design proposal and then wait for years for the project to take off…at the end of the project if you lucky you can still survive.Malaysia way is if they pay you they will cut what ever they can and squeeze until your last drop of blood.

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