MAS Employees Can Take Up Part Time Job

Malaysia Airlines (MAS), the national airline carrier has come up with a flexible work scheme that allows their employees to take up part time jobs.

Additionally, there is also option for its staff to take voluntary long leave.

Both options are voluntary and not obligatory.

Currently, there are 19,000 direct employees working with MAS, with about half of them set to enjoy the scheme.

This is part of the cost cutting strategy and sustaining of business operation to ensure the company achieves its financial bottom line target. While many other commercial airlines opted for cost cutting measures, MAS is taking a moderate, win-win situation approach.

Through the part time work scheme, the work schedule of the employees will be halved, and so will the basic salary. The employee then can choose to work in the morning, evening, or alternate weeks, as per their needs and convenience. However, those who are on shift duty are not allowed to apply for the program.

Under the voluntary leave, employee can go for a break or holiday up to 6 or 12 months period. During this tenure, each of them is entitled for one annual privileged and concessionary travel, while medical benefits are fully covered. The voluntary leave program is only extended to permanent staff based in Malaysia, with the exception of pilots and cabin crew.

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