MAS Runs Turboprop Flight Training

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) recently started operating Malaysia’s first flight training school for turboprop planes based in Subang airport for its pilots, as well as other commercial aircraft operators.

The training center is a collaboration between MAS and ATR, which is a turboprop aircraft manufacturer based in France. It is ATR’s second training center in South East Asia, after Bangkok, Thailand. Their operation began last month in June 2008.

The center, which has a US$10 million Full Flight Simulator (FFS) made and imported from Canada, can accommodate the training need for over 60 pilots who fly Firefly and MASwings aircrafts.

Turboprop planes are aircraft that used a type of gas turbine engine, where most of the engine’s output power is utilized to drive a propeller. Firefly, MASwings and Berjaya Air use turboprop planes in their business operation.

The move will also help to reduce the cost of sending their pilots for overseas training, as well as capable to train more local and foreign pilots. Further, the growth of the ATR’s training center in Bangkok is reaching saturation at the moment and Malaysia is seemed as the next best destination to set up its flight training center.

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