Mass Lay Offs Get Headhunters Running

With multinational companies closing down their shops and shrinking their size of operation, caliber talents became part of the collateral damage and lost their jobs in the process.

Recent major job cuts include Lehman Brothers (the cutting off jobs and eventually the bankruptcy), Merrill Lynch, HSBC, XL Leisure, Qantas Airways, United Airlines and Starbucks.

The one who are busiest are apparently, the headhunters and recruitment agencies.

With many professionals and high flying talents on the loose, the recruitment market is put in feeding frenzy after many professional firms and companies approached established headhunters to sweep them and line them up in front of their office for potential job offers. In the recent weeks, recruitment agencies are made to work harder than ever – with a promise of big bucks.

Apparently, those who lost their jobs are not only their target – it seems that star employees who are retained have also been asked to be approached. With relatively fragile situation in these employees’ companies, the headhunter’s job in persuading them to make a switch will be made easier. And if you’re one of those sparkling assets stuck with a company facing financial difficulties, a phone call may just be around the corner.

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