MDec to Help Retrenched Workers

MDec (Multimedia Development Corporation) will be assisting Malaysian workers who recently became retrenchment and layoff victims to help them become more marketable.

More than 30,000 workers in Malaysia lost their job throughout the year 2008 as bad economy forced companies in various industries to lay off their workers in order to cut expenses and reduce operation size. Demand for products and services have plummeted with signs of recovery yet to be seen.

The workers will be put through a number of re-skilling programs designed to equip them with all the necessary skills in the job market. Eventually, they will be expected to land jobs offered by some 2,000 small and medium enterprises which specialize in the IT field.

Some of the training schemes available in the offering at the moment include the Graduate Trainee Programme, Undergraduate Skills Programme, Undergraduate Apprenticeship Development Programme and Job camp. By matching the skills of the training participants, suitable program will be introduced to sharpen some of the skills which are highly in demand in the employment market.

MDec will be collaborating with the Ministry of Human Resource to realize the effort.

MDec is a company mandated by the government of Malaysia to carry out coordination, promotion and development of the information technology and communication, ICT in the country. Part of MDec’s other task would also include nurturing small medium enterprises (SMEs) in the same industry.

MDec was previously known as MDC.

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