Mission Statement – Do You Have One?

When mission statement is mentioned, we think of framed posters at the office reception or hallways of business corporations. A mission statement will give an idea of the product or service the company is offering and how they wish to accomplish it.

Strip-110208-Mission Sttmt

Mission statements are powerful as it gives the business a sense of purpose. Likewise, individuals should have personal mission statements too.

Do you have an idea of what business you are in and the “product” or service you are expected to sell to your employers?

Do you have a budget to keep your product or service relevant and up-to-date? In other words, are you spending time and money to upgrade your skills and knowledge?

The employment landscape is changing rapidly. Employers no more give a high priority on your growth and career development. You have to take care of that yourself. So, with a personal mission statement, you know what you are good at and what you are lacking to reach your ultimate goal.

An example of a personal mission statement, say for someone in the marketing profession.

To provide top quality marketing insights and strategies to customers that I serve, with proposals implemented resulting in positive sales results and increased customers’ market share in the industry. I will accomplish this through my creative thinking, strong research skills, an open-minded approach towards new ideas and intentional networking with peers of similar industry.

A mission statement doesn’t have to be too long. But once crafted, you know what you need to do to accomplish it. You will have to look for ways to grow your “business” (career) by increasing your value through acquisition of new skills, knowledge and experience.

A personal mission statement also helps you to identify your “selling points” and for that you need to watch American Idol.

What American Idol can teach us? (an old article but worth a read)

So, go and write down your mission statement today. You won’t regret it!

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