More Falling For Data Entry Scam

The data entry job scam has been going on for many years now, with more and more victims coming forward for complaints, yet there are still people falling victim to this preposterous scheme.

Lack of knowledge and desperation for money become the essential factors that eventually drown them to the quick sand.

It is irony that while money is the main object they’re after, they’re still willing to part with their own money, in an exchange for a promise of job.

Conned by Data Entry Company

“I WRITE to share my bad experience in trying to get a job through the classified ads on Nov 6. I went for interview for a job in data entry, and during the interview they promised me a job but asked me to pay RM150 first before getting the job.

Upon paying, I was given an agreement and I signed it. Then they said I had to wait for their call to confirm my employment. So, I waited for months but still no call came from them. When I called them, they always had the same reply. They would say that they were currently busy and ask me to leave my mobile phone number so that they could call me back.

This has been going on for three months, and I still haven’t got a job from them. I didn’t dare to take on any other job just in case they called me. I was afraid of losing my deposit.

I have paid such deposits to three different companies, and still have no job. They just conned me of my money.” – Source.

For many of those becoming victim of such scam, months of waiting often ends up in disappointment. Don’t be one.

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  1. Zul, can you recommend any data entry job? FYI, i also wanted to earn extra income. Due to time constraint, data entry job would be the best solution. By the way, i noticed all data entry job offered in the internet requires some downpayment or deposit from the participant. are they really genuine data entry company or not. thks

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