More Jobs at Hewlett Packard (HP) Malaysia for new Cyberjaya center

Hewlett Packard (HP) Malaysia is following the likes of IBM, DHL, Dell and other major companies to set up a brand new application development and support center in Cyberjaya. In other words, this also means more jobs available for Malaysian job seekers. Pretty good news, huh?

The new HP Cyberjaya center is expected to employ additional 1000 employees in the course of the next 10 years. It will also helps HP to step up effort to develop enhanced data enterprise data warehousing, application development and support, and other IT initiatives. At the moment HP is employing more than 1500 employees throughout Malaysia and having a headquarter in HP Tower. HP Malaysia consists of 3 entities: Hewlett Packard Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, HP Facilities Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Hewlett-Packard Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Today, HP put up a full page advertisement in The Star announcing job openings consisting of Operations Management, Development and Software Engineers with main technical skills in PeopleSoft, SAP-CRM and other SAP modules, MS SQL or Oracle DBA skills, while other applications development experience will be considered. The 3 positions available (I have rephrased the job descriptions in my own way without altering the technical requirement needs. If you want to see the original advert, grab yourself a copy of today’s The Star newspaper, or visit HP’s job website):

1. Business Operations Manager

The person will be responsible to develop the staffing, recruitment and hiring strategies, training program management and establish operational cost. The main challenge here is to assemble a highly competent team that would be able to kick start the operation with minimal cost and training. Hence, the incumbent not only needs to have a background handling IT Support Operations, but also responsible to bring those who have all the technical competencies and experience.


  • Degree holder with at least 10 years of related experience or a Master’s degree holder with at least 8 years of related experience.

2. Center of Excellence Development Manager

The incumbent is to lead the Center Of Excellence and leverage their technical knowledge and expertise. The job requires you to understand, manage and improve the operation’s processes, tools, objectives and expectations to ensure success and generate business value. In other words, the operations need to be run smoothly, and at the same time the profitability is also achieved. As a Center of Excellence Development Manager, you will also strive to create a customer service oriented culture among the team members and champion the employee development and engagement.


  • Degree with at least 15 years of related experience or a Master’s degree with at least 13 years of related experience.
  • Expertise in PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle database and other applications.
  • Experience in the customer support domain favored.
  • Experience in driving large teams of more than 50 employees across multiple technology domains/platform and industry clusters.

3. Systems Software Engineers – Master, Expert and Specialist levels

The Software Engineers are responsible to develop, design and maintain products and software, perform bug-fixing, quality engineering, documentation and general product maintenance. You will also need to work independently to identify any design problems, resolve in-process problems and respond to key product questions and attend to customer needs and inquiries. Apart from these, you will be responsible to review new products and releases while at the same time maintain the current operating systems and products.


  • Master level: Degree with at least 12 years of related experience or Master’s degree with at least 10 year of related experience.
  • Expert level: Degree with at least 10 years of related experience or Master’s degree with at least 8 year of related experience.
  • Specialist level: Degree with at least 6 years of related experience or Master’s degree with at least 4 year of related experience.

What do you get working with Hewlett Packard? Below are some of the benefits that you’ll get for working with HP [source: HP’s website]. I believe the exact benefits and perks vary depending on which country HP is operating:

1. Basic Salary

As a multinational company, HP provides basic salary competitive with other established organizations.

2. Performance-related Pay & Bonuses

As part of the Total Reward Program, HP offers their employees the opportunity to get the performance-related pay or bonuses which will be related directly to their performance in the job. So perform well in your job, and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

3. Benefits & Perks

You will get most of the major benefits and perks such as health plans, income protection, retirement, saving packages and so on.

4. Stock Ownership

HP also provides opportunity to own some shares through Share Ownership program.

Apart from the benefits above, also consider your career growth opportunity working with a company well know for providing first class IT & technical support to their clients. For online job application at Hewlett Packard, visit Jobs at HP for details (apparently there’s no contact number, address and email given in the advert in The Star, so online application is the only choice available at the moment).

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  1. You should apply for jobs yourself and not asking for the employers to call you when there’s opening. Where did you learn this?

  2. Errrr… that’s a little misleading. The bit on benefits ONLY apply to Permanent employees… Looking at the vacancies, I dare say 80% of those openings will be filled by contract staff.

    As a contractor for HP, don’t even dream of getting anything close to what’s stated in the article. Heck, you won’t even get a business card that says “HP”!!

    Word to the wise.

  3. Yeah Lejen you’re right. I overlooked the part that many of HP support staff come from the outsourcing companies like … (er… let me not list down the names at the moment…).

    But I hope you guys do not feel discouraged too much, you learn a lot working with companies like HP and after a year or two people will be start looking for you. And however small it is, there is always a possibility you may be converted to permanent staff.

  4. I’m interested in getting job in malaysia especially in HP co…currently i am working in there any posibilities for me to come over malaysia on job.U can contact me thru email


  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am an Indian nationale interested in working here.I do have the Malaysian Immigration card.I would like to know if there r any vacancies for me.I have obtained /masters degree in Computer Science.Thank you.


  6. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a fresh graduate, Bachelor in Data Communication. Was just wondering how i could summit my resume for a job interview in Hawlett Packard.


  7. I’m interested in getting job in malaysia especially in oracle DBA field.
    im mcp,ocaad9i,ocpdba8i,9i,10g,oca10gas.

    liakat hossain

  8. dear sir! good morning . am looking for job as Computer Technician (Hardware) around KLIA or Cyber which ease for me to travel.Resume will be forward. Wish hear from your sir. Thank You.

  9. Dear Job seekers!

    Amazingly, inspite of ZUL’s posting above, way back in July (2007), I still see RFPs err…. Requests For Posts !!!

    Please read, understand and apply directly , taking the Web links. No prospective employer is going to call you.

    People with Bachelors and Masters, should know better as to how to apply for Jobs in a proper way !!

    You should be happy that this site is kind enough to post career information !

    Don’t just post your contacts here and keep waiting !!!!

    Good Luck !

  10. Hi,

    I would like to know whether HP do take people from Taiwanese or any current staff from China or Taiwan? If yes, I will proceed to send my application directly. If no, then at least I know i need to focus on other companies. Thanks

  11. I had submitted my application to HP via their website 2 months ago. A few of my friends had also did the same thing. None of us receive any response.

    It would be good if HP can acknowledge the application like all MNC.


  12. Hei zul,
    Whats up?? … Here is the information for other companies like Microsoft, Dell, Asus, NEC, Apple ….. those who want the info… please call me at 019-3425565.

    Since I have all their name cards….. so, be prepared with all the information I’ll give you if you call me ….!!!!

  13. HI, currently i’m working in IBM,cyberjaya as IT Helpdesk specialist. I would like to work in HP as well. Please contact/email me if you need any further information:-

    contact : 012-9723157
    email :

  14. Good afternoon sir , I am student from Multimedia University (Cyberjaya) , may I know is that any vacancy for internship of Finance student?

  15. Hi Guys,
    Please drop me your cv so that i can forward with the HP Hr.
    I will able to assist you guys.
    Im working with HP so i will submit your cv and you will get a notified as well.
    My email :
    Please dont reply here as i will not check reguraly

    Global IT

    SAP Functional Analyst – ABAP

    J2EE Developers – SC-IT

    Oracle DBA

    Deep Technical Support Specialist – Mobility

    SAP Technical Analyst – FI

    Deep Technical Support Specialist – Collaboration Services

    Fresh IT Graduates (Software Engineer)

    J2EE Developer – IPG-IT

    Deep Technical Support Specialist – Directories & Authentication

    Deep Technical Support Specialist – Print Management

    Imaging & Printing Group

    Inside Sales – Taiwan

    Personal Systems Group

    Sales Program Manager

    Technology Solutions Group

    Technical Support Network Specialist

    Deep Technical Support Wintel Specialist

    Deep Technical Support Unix Engineer

    Technical Support Wintel Specialist

    Deep Technical Support Database Engineer

    Technical Support Backup Specialist

    Technical Support UNIX Engineer

    Deep Technical Support Network Engineer

    WW Administration

    APJ Customer Delivery Manager – HPFS

    WW Finance

    COE Financial Analyst – Cyberjaya

    If interested do drop me your cv.

    Thanks and good luck

  16. Hi,

    I am Malaysian, Degree holder in Com Sc & Info System & with 6++ years system development (mainly program in Java & J2EE) & 2 ++ years of system support experince.

    Currently I am moving to SAP Sales & Distribution module on frontline customer support to gain the business function of sales & distribution.

    My intention is to develop my career in SAP -Java integration. Is there any oppurtunity /vacancy for this related post in HP? I have heard that this area is not famous /demand in the current Malaysia market.

    Other then HP, any big company are moving in SAP -Java integration? please throw some light..

  17. Hey Guys I got one advice,
    Dont waste your time asking the ocmpany to give you a call..
    Put some effort and find the company and come in for an apointment

  18. Hi, I have finance and accounting technical and practical background with about 9 years experience and have very little SAP knowledge. But I always would like to join company with SAP system. I have tried to apply but seems vain to me. I am sure there are other applicants like me as well encountering same problem and I also understand nowadays, the job applications are quite competitive out there in the market. So what are my chances to get into these companies?

  19. I have been looking for job around Malaysia. It seems that luck is not with my for the moment, is there any one would like to help me. I’m a masters fresh grad. majoring in Business Information Technology. For anyone who has some infomation about Business Management devision or IT management or simply magement assistance or advisor vacancy..please drop an email to me to:

    Thanx a bunch.

  20. what’s the purpose of publishing all such if there’s no feedback from the originator? Haiya waste of time only…

    dear people, take it as an info. please do not publish your phone number might be getting prank calls etc eh..

    Dear HP, please and please update your slot (or whatever you called..), its been 2 years…2 years!

  21. I’m interested in getting job in malaysia especially in HP co…currently i am working(sap bi/bw consultant) in there any posibilities for me to come over malaysia on job.

    venu kumar

  22. do u have any job vacant for spm holder? is there’s any possibilities for spm holders to apply at HP? if yes please get back to me as im really interested to apply and i will send u a proper information as resume and any other documents needs.. thank you..

  23. i want an internship vacancy from december to february next year, i am a limkokwing student studying bachelor of business in entrepreneurship, and i have a diploma in business management

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