Must-haves For Today’s Executives

Broadband changes everything! The last decade witnessed an enormous wave of change in the world of technology that not only transforms the way businesses are conducted but also the lives of working executives that formed these organizations. Some may resist these changes but like it or not, we need to get on-board, less we get left behind.

So, for me, these must-haves in this concrete, i.e., working world are like our survival kit.

My top five must-haves:-

1. Computer.

It can be your notebook, netbook, Mac or PC. No need to say more why a computer. The frustrations encountered when the computer is not working are all too familiar to us.

2. Internet Access.

Many years ago, a TV is a must-have for every household. Now, it’s a wireless router. A computer is never complete without internet access. We receive and send emails every day. A big bulk of our day-to-day transactions rely heavily on the internet access. So, when the internet line is down, we get devastated and frankly, some of our professions only make sense with the internet access. Without it, most of us would be jobless.

3. Google.

Or any search engine. Did you notice how our conversations had taken a new jargon without us realizing? When our friends asked about something and we do not have an answer, I can safely say that almost all of us would reply, “Google it, dear.” Whether we like it or not, we turn to Google for help more often than we care to admit. Google has become our new god.

4. iPhone 3Gs.

Obviously, I’m biased here. What I really mean is smart phones. When our laptop is not with us, we want to remain connected and you simply can’t do that without a smart phone nowadays. The latest and best smart phones around right now have to be the iPhone 3Gs and Blackberry Bold. Hands down.

5. A Twitter or Facebook Account.

Every Executive should own a blog similar to a home, albeit virtual. But, not every one wants to maintain a full-fledged blog and that’s okay. With Twitter, you micro-blog. Today, Malaysians have slightly more than 1 million Twitter users and the numbers are climbing as we speak. Now, many ordinary people like me have questioned the necessity of having a Twitter account. I’m no big shot – who wants to follow me? Look at it this way – get a Twitter account to follow people, tap on their thoughts and engage with them. Makes sense? The networking phrase has indeed taken a new twist nowadays. (A twitter account sample, mine obviously:

Or you can opt to have a Facebook account. As of now, most Executives would own both.

In short, we need to stay connected to survive. And believe it or not, the virtual world is more real than we thought. In a way,this has helped to create a lot more job opportunities than before. And not only that- it’s possible to have a great career without having to step out from our bed now– an almost impossible feat in the past century.

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