New Employees Prone to Workplace Injury

According to the Human Resource Ministry, newly hired employees are more likely to be involved in work-related accidents as compared to long serving and senior staff.

The main reason of the situation is that new employees are eager to impress their boss that many of them end up ignoring the importance of adhering to work safety practice and procedures.

Deputy Human Resource Minister, Datuk Noraini Ahmad told the press that many Malaysian employees who was involved in workplace accidents and injury had only been working in the company for a period of less than six months. In addition to this, a big chunk of them were doing their first job upon graduation from school or university.

The excitement of getting their first few rounds of salary and pleasing the supervisor have driven the employees to carry out some dangerous task with little talk on the danger and risk associated with the task.

At the moment, manufacturing industry recorded the highest rate of workplace injuries due to the nature of the job that requires the workers to deal with equipment, machinery, chemicals and sometimes sharp materials. However, while most injuries come from manufacturing, most facilities and deaths come from the construction sector.

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