New Promotion System for Police Force

A new promotion system is being proposed for the Malaysian Police force that will require a cop to sit down for an examination and undergo a two-week course to be considered for promotion.

The new system will be subject to approval from the Public Service Department (PSD) before it can be implemented.

Once approved, the examination or test will be a compulsory requisite, which will pre-determine if the cop qualifies for the next stage, the induction course. The induction course, which takes about 2 weeks, will continue to assess and develop the character and skills for the incumbents.

The new system will also allow the police staff to be assessed from many different aspects, and promotion will be granted based on the overall achievements and skills which include leadership, management, public speaking, administration and so on.

Presently, promotion in the police force is mainly exercised through supervisor’s recommendation. Recommended staff will be shortlisted, interviewed by higher ranked officers and sit for an exam before handed with a new role.

The recent development in the country has seen the credibility and integrity of the police force subject to close scrutiny by citizens, media and political watch dogs, with the current Inspector General Police, IGP, under probe by Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) for fabricating criminal evidence.

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