New Salary Structure For Teachers

A new salary structure for teachers in Malaysia is being proposed which will pay those with higher qualifications better salary.

Similarly, teachers who seek to further their studies will also be rewarded with higher pay scheme once they have completed their education.

This is aligned with the objective of the Ministry of Education to extend appreciation and recognize those with better academic credentials.

Under the new proposed single-tier scheme, candidates applying for teaching job will be divided into separate categories – graduates, non-graduates, primary school teachers, secondary school, senior assistants and headmasters, each comes with different pay scale. For example, those who holds a diploma will get a lower salary and start at a lower job rung compared to a teacher with degree in the same tier.

With the implementation, the teaching group in the country will hopefully take the initiative to expand their knowledge exposure and never stop to continue their studies. Apart from the teacher’s qualification background, other criteria that will also be evaluated include experience, expertise and skills, and added values.

At the moment, industry experts are doing the number crunching before the complete new pay scheme is presented to the Public Service Department, PSD. The proposal completion is expected to be completed somewhere next year.

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