Nigerian Job Scam Busted

Busted: Nigerian job scam

Six Nigerians who have been operating a job scam based here in Malaysia were arrested, after a police report made by a major telecommunication provider led to the discovery of their activity and whereabouts.

A local woman, believed to be the girlfriend to one of the detained, was also arrested as part of an accomplice.

The group operated the scam by using the letter head of a prominent telecommunication company to send emails to unsuspecting victims outside of the country, which offer job opportunities to the recipients. The victims, whose emails may have been illegally harvested, came all the way from India, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Philippines.

As part of the job offer deal, email recipients who fall victim to the fake job offer would be asked to deposit money to an assigned local bank account. The money, amounting to RM3,500 is purportedly to be used for immigration, documentation and logistic purposes. The local bank account belongs to the woman arrested.

Many of the email recipients who became suspicious with the job offering contacted the telecommunication company directly to ask for verification. Suspecting something amiss, one of the company representatives made a police report, which eventually led to the capture of all of the suspects.

All the six Nigerians are currently studying in the country.

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