Petronas Program for Diploma Graduates

Petronas today opens up its training program for Diploma graduates which will expose them to the oil and gas industry experience, mainly in the engineering and technical area.

In the program, successful candidates will undergo a so-called Petroleum Technology Program (PTP) course for a duration of 1 year. Trainees will also receive benefits that include training fees (so far amount undisclosed), subsistence allowance and accommodation.

The graduates are to be absorbed into different areas of operations and maintenance works for Petronas. Career disciplines offered are in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Lab and Process.

To be eligible for the program, candidates must satisfy the following requirements:

  • A Malaysian citizen who possesses engineering Diploma with at least a CGPA of 2.5 from higher IPTA/IPTS institutions which are recognized by the government of Malaysia and the authoritative bodies
  • Maximum 25 years old of age by 1 January 2008
  • Single, with excellent health and not color blind

Petronas Training Program for Diploma GraduatesInterested candidates must apply online at Instep-Petronas website, where each application shall be charged RM10 (details of the application is given on the website). Basically, filling up the application form is similar to having an online account, where you will be given the user and password and access to your application account. You can update or amend your details for the application before the closing date. Closing date is 18 April 2008; all applications sent after the 18 will not be entertained.

Any inquiries regarding the this Petronas training program can be raised by calling 09-668 6134/6135/6136 (This is Terengganu number, where the working hours are Sunday-Thursday. You can call between 9am to 4pm). Alternatively, you can email your inquiries and questions to

53 Replies to “Petronas Program for Diploma Graduates”

  1. to whom its may concern… i would like to know when is the next intake will start? I wanted to join it. Please notify me if you know the date. Thank you. Best regard, zaki.

  2. dear mr/ms,

    i want know when can i get my result?i went to an interview at poli kk,sabah for a technician post..then,after a month i get email for my result from n i pass the interview..the email says:



    Merujuk kepada perkara di atas, adalah di maklumkan bahawa temuduga tuan/puan telah berjaya dan akan di tempatkan di Asean Bintulu Fertilizer Sdn Bhd.

    Surat tawaran dan perjanjian akan dihantar kepada tuan/puan melalui pos dalam waktu yang terdekat.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Yang benar,

    now,i already finished my study at poli kk and my result for last semester is past..until nw,i dont get any letters from petro chemical..i call ABF.bintulu and ask them bout this matters,they say its not them who should post the letters but instep..instep provide the training and instep should post the letters. i already fax my last semester result,spm certificate also the email from petchem to instep human resource..i hope i can the feed back as soon as posible..tq..

  3. to who it may concern..
    may i know,when is the latest intake for Diploma holder for this Petronas program at INSTEP..since now is 15/7/08..
    please someone response me..

  4. buat perhatian adik-adik semua, sekarang ada intake instep untuk januari2009. last htr forme online pada 10 oktober 2008

  5. when is the next intake of INSTEP will open for those Diploma graduates? Please notify me if you know the date. Thank you. Best regard, Daisy.

  6. i read already in news paper about Petronas opens up its training program for Diploma graduates but why i can’t open your website.can you reply my email and explain to me how can i apply for this program.thanks you for your attention.

  7. Need pin code number first. Rm10 at cimb branch.. Atas nama petronas.. ape tah, x ingat. Nnt refer balik. (Sorry)

  8. i already apply for instep programme for july 2009, but i don’t get any result whether i pass or not,, how can i the result of instep petronas for july 2009,,tq.

  9. Actually when instep will open for a new intake? I mean for this year intake….

    And one more thing, lets say that im a civil engineering diploma holder, can i join instep???

    1. ooo..tq soo nee.. i hv a friend yg ada diploma in marine engineering n dia nk join instep.. so kna tunggu bln 12 ni la ek for the form from the n/paper.. tq:)

  10. mr/ms

    may i know,will u take fresh graduate of HND in civil engineering programe to follow ur instep training?n when the next intake will open after i finish my study on november 2009?coz im interesting to join this programe. can u inform me to my email? im appreciate of ur attention..

  11. nw im duin my diploma, after i fnsh my diploma..i wanted to join INSTEP..after that, can i continue my degree?? got any problems if i want to continue degree after i finished 1 year training in INSTEP???

  12. can i know when is the next intake for january 2010..actually i’m holding scholarship from jpa..i wonder if i can join instep and then work with petronas..

  13. hopefuly my name in list,tapikn x ramai sgt student pmpuan yg study kt instep kn?x pe la isyallah pmpua pan bleh buat keje 2..

  14. ala,esok plak bleh tgk nama trpilih ke x..everydy aku msuk lman web ni tau.oo kt sbah n srawak pun ada tmpt intrview untuk ptronas ek.snag keje la mcm ni,

  15. korang ada problem nk semak instep x??aku da msuk ni.IC ngn password tapi xbole la..mcm tiada dlm semakan,sedangkan aku da hantar dah pn…aku login balik 15 aribulan aritu bole jerk,permohonan dah dihantar…skang xbole la plak..huhu…

  16. when do the next intake will be open again?the last time i heard about the intake is only on 2009,can anybody explain why is the website for the site always crash?n how can i apply for this other then online?

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