Picky Graduates

Are Malayisan graduates too picky?

We know there are many university graduates out there struggling to find a job. However, we do not know why is it so difficult for a graduate to secure a job in Malaysia. Do we blame the economy? Do we blame the job market?

Do you know that there are many jobs available in Malaysia? Finding a job is just a matter of time. You can get a job in one day, one month or one year. So why is it so difficult for a graduate to get a job? There is one reason that leads to this problem, and have anything to do with economy.

Graduates are being picky (picky graduates). When a graduate is being picky at the jobs available, it would take a long time to get one that is truly suitable.

Some people say that the wait is totally worth it. After all, with a little patience, they can get a big salary job. However, just how many graduates can get a big salary job in Malaysia?

Being picky is not a solution. While everyone wants to get the best job available, some will have to make do with whatever that is available. Experience is the most important when it comes to finding a better job.

Once you have graduated from any university in Malaysia, grab any chances you have in the job market to build up your portfolio and you will be on your way towards better jobs in the future. Don’t rely solely on your degree.

2 Replies to “Picky Graduates”

  1. couldn’t agree more!
    my approach is, gain experience first even though the pay is low, even though the jobscope is not what u learnt in degree.

    but…if you can find a company that can offer u experience and high salary. that’s even better!!

    luck plays a small part too =)

  2. How true.

    Getting a scroll is becoming easier today and therefore many graduates get fooled and expect a similarly easy ride in the job market. Once they know the reality of today’s world, often they suddenly find themselves trailing behind others.

    As for luck, I do believe it is somewhat proportionate to your effort – the harder you work, the luckier you get!

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