Pilot Courses in Malaysia? Try MFA

Where can I get pilot courses in Malaysia?

Are you presently looking for pilot courses in Malaysia? Perhaps you have by now heard of the Malaysian Flying Academy?

The Malaysia Flying Academy or MFA is one of the most accomplished flying schools and academies in Malaysia. To date MFA has produced pilots who fly with Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Jetstar Airways, Silk Air and so on.

The academy does not only enroll local students but also take overseas cadets who come from as far as Australia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Emirates, Yemen, Finland, Japan and India.

MFA main flying campus is located adjacent to the Batu Berendam Airport, Melaka, which is some 7 miles away from the city center.

Currently Malaysia Flying Academy offers 4 main courses, namely: Private Pilot License Course (PPL), Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating Course (CPL/IR), Frozen Airlines Transport Pilot License Course (ATPL), and Assistant Flying Instructor Course (AFI). Below are the details of pilot courses in Malaysia offered by MFA, that underline the courses structure, requirements and the associated fees (Please take note that figures/fees and other details may change, so to get the latest details, contact the MFA office at the contact details given at the end of the article).

1. Private Pilot License Course (PPL)

To enroll for the Private Pilot License Course, candidate must be of minimum age of 17, has completed SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) for local students or O-Levels for overseas students, and possess high degree of English competency. He or she will also be required to undergo (and pass) the medical examination for Airlines Transport Pilot’s License standard (Class I or II) from DCA’s (Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia) approved medical practitioner. The list of the most up to date approved practitioners is available from the DCA office, at the following contact details:

Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia
No 27, Persiaran Perdana
Level 1-4, Block Podium
Precinct 4, 62618 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Telephone: +603 – 8871 4000. Website: www.dca.gov.my

Malaysia Flying AcademyThe total fee for the Private Pilot License Course is RM33,024. An initial Enrolment and Reservation amounting to RM5,000 is required to be paid during registration, while the remaining RM28,024 must be settled 30 days before the course commences.

The course does not include accommodation, and students requiring accommodation should discuss with MFA and prepared to pay additional rate of RM250 (inclusive of meals) per week (also, subject to availability as accommodation in MFA will be given priority to students enrolling the Commercial Pilot License, which is compulsory).

The initial step to register with the course is to fill up a Preliminary Application for Enrolment Form (available in the prospectus below) and send to its headquarter addressed at: Malaysia Flying Academy Sdn Bhd, Ninth Floor, Tower Block, Syed Kechik Foundation Building, Jalan Kapas, Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and accompanied with the required documents and enclosures. This include a non-refundable Enrolment and Reservation fee of RM5,000.

(Note: this non-refundable clause is only applicable for successful candidates, i.e. if you are accepted but decided not to proceed, you will not get back the RM5,000. However, if your application is unsuccessful, the RM5,000 will be refunded back to you)

Successful candidates will receive a formal Letter of Enrollment, which comes together with other details including contract documentation.

Click here to download the Prospectus and Preliminary Application for Enrolment form for MFA’s Private Pilot License Course. (Opens in new window, and requires Acrobat Reader)

2. Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating Course (CPL/IR)

As a pre-requisite, candidates applying for this course must be 17 years old (17 years old upon commencement and not less than 18 upon issuance of a Commercial Pilot license) or older and have successfully completed SPM with 5 credits including in English, Mathematics and Science subjects. The person also must undergo and pass Class I medical examination from DCA’s approved medical practitioner, together with a Letter of Approval from the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia.

The course, which spans across a 12-month duration, costs RM222,522 which cover the the flight and ground training (RM194,770), mandatory campus accommodation (RM20,500) and miscellaneous expenses (RM7,252). The fees can be paid on installment basis. Download the prospectus and the application form below for breakdown of fees, and installment schedule.

Click here to download the Prospectus and Preliminary Application for Enrolment form for MFA’s Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating Course. (Opens in new window, and requires Acrobat Reader)

3. Frozen Airlines Transport Pilot License Course (ATPL)

The APTL is only offered to existing holders of Commercial Pilot License (CPL), and runs for 8 (uninterrupted) weeks. In other words, it is applicable for those who with exposure in real flying experience, and knowledgeable with flying certification processes and procedures. The course costs approximately RM12,000, which covers the ground training and examination fees.

4. Assistant Flying Instructor Rating Course (AFI)

This is a fundamental course that will prepare the participant to train cadet pilots commercially. AFI is an essential certification before an instructor can earn his or her status as a Qualified Flying Instructor. Requires 150 hours of Pilot-in-Command (PIC), which often refers to pilots with senior experience. An investment fee of about RM20,000 will be required for the certification.

For inquiries, you can be in touch with MFA through the following contact details:

Malaysia Flying Academy Sdn Bhd
Campus Address, No. 101 Lot 3244
Mukim Batu Berendam
75350 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: +606 317 4026/4834
Website: www.mfa.edu.my

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  1. I’m TEE CHEE YANG here.From here i have question to ask is if my english get D in spm result but all my mathematics and science subject have get A1,2 can i get into flying school?I’ll start improve my english.This is becouse i was falled in sick during the examination in spm.Hope will accept my comment.I’ll appreciate the chance.thanks.

    1. I’m a girl but I very interested to be a pilot.What I want to ask is how hight I must be if she is a woman pilot is it same with man?

  2. Dear Sir(Corporate Comm dept),

    My name is Ammar Farith and I am now in Form 4 Science Stream 2 at Ampang Selangor.
    I plan to attend Commercial Pilot course at MFA and planned my career as Commercial Pilot. Is it possible that I pay a visit with my parent to your place in Batu Berendam to understand more about qualification and financial required to be a pilot and briefly look at ur training facility and some background on actual training it self for me to prepare myself …This visit also will serve as a motivation to me and what I should concentrate on subjects for SPM…If you agreed my parent will call you for visit appointment and for us to travel down to Batu Berendam.
    If i cannot get scholarship, we will finance this course ourself. Your serious consideration on my request is very much appreciated.


    Ammar Farith – 017 326 7586

    y parent Asmadi – 019 3827275

  3. I’m under gradute with 26 yrs of age. I’m pursuing the diploma in avaition & hospitality from AHA Mumbai. Can I go for a Pilot Training after my diploma? If yes plz send me the prospectus for the same or suggest me the best option. Hope you will send me some reply. Thank-u

  4. I want to joint your flying school.i got all the requirements needed to join your flaying school please mail me where should i go of do.Please HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..TQ

  5. i am from india .would like to know details of commercial pilot licence.course n cost and how to go about the admission procedure.
    thank u

  6. i`m 17 years old and very interested to be airline pilot..can you tell me how to apply the MAS scholarship and how if i am wearing a spectacles…

    1. Spectacles or contact lenses are not totally rejected but the candidate’s vision must meet the specification and power are not excessive. For detail figures, consult MFA.

      1. Hello!
        I’m Christine Yap, 18 years old and currently at Germany for student exchange! I would like to take pilot course after ended of my exchange year. (means next year January 09) My ambition is to become a pilot since i was 14 years old. well, there’s a obstacle that always make me worried, bacause i’m wearing spectecle! I’m seriously wanna to become a pilot in my future, it’s interesting for me!
        Last, i would like to ask, how can i do apply for it?

  7. hey there.. I’m 16.. and I’m a girl.. I’m planning to be an airline transport pilot.. I really really really really want to be a pilot badly!! how and where do I apply for a scholarship? I’m looking forward to attend some flight school in australia… unfortunately, I’m wearing glasses.. Is it still possible for me to be a pilot?

      1. Hello Zul… My name is Rogerexter Aldrin and i’m pretending to become a pilot after this year’s SPM ended.. Is it a compulsory for me to wait my SPM result before i can apply to MFA? Is there any courses available that I can take after the SPM while waiting for my results? And lastly..is it necessery to get ‘A+’ in English, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects for PPL courses?? Reply me as soon as possible or send me any information about MFA through my email (rexter921030@yahoo.com)… Thanks Zul.. I really appricieate your kindness for the reply…

  8. I’m Gurubaran,18, and I am very interested to become an airline pilot in Malaysia. The problem is, i have financial dificulties and I don’t know where to get a scholoarship for becoming a pilot. In my spm,i scored A’s and credits. What must i do to assist me in becoming a pilot?

  9. I have planned to apply for CPL/IR after my SPM. Besides, I onyl take Biology, Add. maths, EST and Chemistry and I have -5.00 and -5.50 on my both eyes (Is this excessive?) and I have wearing glasses. I really wanted this job badly. I’ve always wanted to be commercial pilot since I was a kid. Can anyone help me solve my problems?

  10. Hi, I’ve read the post how to become a pilot. It stated there the requirement to join MFA is SPM 5 credit including Physics, Maths and English. Is this for scholarship?and if my parents wants to pay for the fees do i still need to meet the requirement stated?

  11. Dear Sir,

    I am completing my CPL at Melbourne, Australia. Kindly assist me to idendify further course of action for further assignment. If i can go for further course, kindly suggest me for further best way for future.

    Appreciate your co operation.



    1. get a job as a co-pilot in any aviation company.
      you can only go for ATPL when you’re 21, then you’ll be qualified to be a captain

  12. Hi ! I am Cleo. I am 14 years old. My ambition is to be a pilot future but I have bad eyesight and I wear spectacles . Can I still take the pilot traning and be a pilot on future ?


  13. mfa does not provide scholarship.so,what others agencies who provide pilot scholarship..because i’m not from a rich family..i really want to be a commercial pilot..help me..

  14. hello, my brother keen to attend the pilot course.he’s 17 years old and waiting for spm results.unfotunately the fee are quite expensive as we are not coming from the rich family.is there any sponsorship or loan provided?hope you can send the prospectus of mfa.tq

  15. hi.I am Raghed from lebanon. I would like to ask you that how much does it cost to be a pilot.
    My english language is not very good.
    please i need for your help because i do not know what can I do to be a pilot.

  16. salam & very good day.,i am 27,done with my diploma in hotel management, current job is Assistant Restaurant Manager, willing to get CPL in order to be a great pilot, is there any possibility for me to be part of your recruitment from your point of view? thanks, your comment is much appreciated.

  17. Hi,I am a very lousy student,i just finished my SPM and im waiting for the results.I am VERY bad in my Physics and Maths and EXTREMELY bad in my add maths.So,do you think i can be a pilot.Can i study aviation with these results.What are the requirements to be a pilot.I am VERRRRRRRRY interested in studying about airplanes and how to fly them.I have even collected some airplane model which i bought from different countries.I’ve been dreaming to be a Commercial Pilot since i was 3 years old.I don’t want my dream to go down the drain.So PLEASSE reply,your comments will be appreciated.

    1. humm…i have no idea about yours. maybe you can focus on another job. as we know,badly ‘sometimes, we can’t catch what we do’. think posible my dear. this is not the ending on your life ;))

  18. i’m dickson. i’m from penang. i now waiting for my spm results now. i wish to be a commercial pilot badly. my spm results is prety good. i gets a1 and a2 for all science subjects, modern math. and add math., english too. i just wish to know that is there any scholarship that is offered by any flying school in malaysia? reply will be appreciated… TQ!

  19. hello,
    firstly i’m very interested about pilot career… but my english is not very good.. i got b4 for english in SPM.. but my sciences n maths better than my english subject… So, that I still have chance to be a pilot….
    How i can apply to be a future pilot..

  20. hello, i’m praajeeth nair. I decided to become a pilot when i grow big. now i am in form 4 i am in sciencetrim.but what i worry is i am wearing glases and my power is just 60.can you please tell me the qualities needed to become a pilot including credits i must get in spm, subjects i must take in spm and all about becoming apilot. science i was 10 years old i am crezy about becoming pilot. i hope all the information i will get soon. thank you.

  21. hi there,
    i would like to ask a few question..hope there will be someone teach me what to do so..
    i dun care what ever will make me struggle & i just want to be a ‘Commercial Pilot’..i really have the faith to be a pilot..but i didn’t take physic for my SPM but i did take add math 7D..the biggest problem is my SPM result is very worst..i only got 3 credit & that is English 5c,Math 4B,science 3B..for my english,I’ll go for British Council to improve my english..I just wanna know what should i do & how could i get into the flying school as well..is there any other way for me to get into the flying school?
    pls let me know ASAP..millions of TQ!

  22. i would like become a pilot, just like MAS pilot or Air asia pilot… what should i do? what is the different Private Pilot License Course (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating Course (CPL/IR)?

  23. i would like to join the commercial pilot course so what should i do? what about your payments. shall we pay money through the instalment way.

    1. i’m female from melaka , very interested about this job , but my english is not very good . i want to apply , is it ok ?

  24. Hi, i’m a girl, 15 years. I’m very interested to be a pilot, since primary school. But, i’ve bad eyesight and don’t like wear spectacle.. I’ve planned want to make treatment 4 my eyes when i grow up.. I also not good in math.. however, science n english better than math.. Can i still have a chance to be a pilot? Hope your comment will help me…. A lot of TQ from me, Tasha…

  25. respected authourities,
    i beg to state that i am willing to take admission in your academy since i 14 i aimed f being i pilot.i am currently having my graduation please tell me how could i take admision in your academy i will also stay in your hostels since i have no relatiives in malaysia so please do inform me about that aswell.

    Awaiting for your swift reply.

  26. 1)Is it possible a person who is more than 28yrs old apply for pilot? for air asia the limit is 28yrs old (correct me if i am wrong)
    2)Does the successful student is given study loan by the government or not?
    3)is there any allowance given to these trainee cadets?
    thank you

  27. Greetings,
    I am a singaporean and is very interested in enrolling this course, however I have afew doubts that I want to clarify before i decide.

    1) is the ATPL acquired at MFA qualified and eligible for SIA or Singapore airlines pilot selection

    2) What other countries recognize ATPL granted by MFA.

  28. hi am from yemen . i have graduted before 2 yrs and i want to ask you about the hole fees for the cpl in dollar for this year and if you can send to me the requirements for registration and study in your academic

    with warm regards

  29. Dear Sir(Corporate Comm dept),
    My name is Muhammad Salihin, i am very interested to be pilot. how could i reply it and to know the fees of course. My SPM just 3 credits science, math and arts. but english little bad. But know i have get diploma business admin.
    any information pls contact me 017 3068759

  30. i’m natrah.i’m 14 years old. i want to be a pilot since i’m standard 1.i want to ask you want subject tahat i have to score in spm?how much is the total cost to complete a pilot course?i hope you reply my comment.thank you

  31. I have a C.A.A CPL/IR FORM Perth-Scotland from 1984 with a total of 200 flying hours, and I have a BOEING 727 type rate since 1986 with a total of 1500 flying hours, I stoped from flying in 1991 and until now never back again for flying, I would like very much to renew my CPL/IR license and my medical check , And I want to take a frozen ATP license and a new type rate which ever is possible in the academy , Please I want to know the cost of each step of my requirments and the time duration of it , and what is the time of the neraest course available for me to start.
    I will be waiting for your answers.
    Thanks alot

  32. Hello…i’m erwan..age16..i’m interested to be a pilot..since i’m a student…but the cost to be a pilot is quiet high..the question is how can i get sponsored for my CPL/IR courses? thanks!

  33. Hello!
    I really like to be pilot and that is my dream, I followed 3 years Air Traffic Controll Courses Even I got 8 months an ICOA course for being an ATC,but the problem that I have iam living in Kabul Afghanistan I want to take a PPL/CPL and other courses that I needed with my OWN EXPENDITURE, so please help me ,how apply and to attend the courses and also with student visa I hope replay me in my email address.thanks

  34. Im in a science stream and will be taking spm exam this 18 nov 2009. Im hereby to ask about the requirements for CPL based on above information..
    i wonder what kind of science subject is required?
    is subject ‘English for Science & Technology’ or ‘biology’ included?
    can i get a scholarships from MARA or any?
    Can u brief me exactly where or what should i do after getting spm results?
    I intend to take on commercial pilot as my career seriously. I really hope to get a best advice from you,
    please reply immediately.
    Thank you.

  35. Assalamualaikum..
    Hey there.. Nani’s here.. I’m form 3,waiting for PMR results. Obviously, i really relly really really really really really really really interested in becoming a pilot. I wanna be a pilot when i grow up because it’s very suitable with my soul and i very love adventure. I wanna be a commercial pilot since i was in standard 3. I have collected a lot of information about pilot path. But, there’s a doubt about my percentage in academic. Actually i’m bad in my english. I got B in math and english, but A in science on my trial PMR. So, am i deserve to apply aviation in your academy? A prompt reply from you would be much appreciated!

    1. the requirement is 5 credit including maths, english, n any science subject.
      my advice just work on your maths n english, minimum is grade C credit.

  36. I’m Jonhet,i want to ask if i’m studying Form6 now…Does loan available??
    And where can i can more information of Pilot course?
    Pls reply….

  37. Hi there..im anand here..im 16..from banting…being a pilot is my desire since i was in pre-school i ave all the physical requirements including height(170)…n body i think its fit…i wanna get sum help from u guyz..about the procedures and requirements about tis pilooting career..pls help me..ANY 1 MESSAGE ME ALSO CAN!!NEEDING UR GUIDENCE ALL BRO!!


  38. hi im a girl turning 19 this year..My dream is to become a pilot since i was small but i have health issues..I have scoliosis which is the deformity of the spine.I might get it fused..I have very bad eyesight with very high astigmatism..Would like you ask you if thats ok to achieve my dream??..I was in science stream in secondary school and i got an A for english and B for math..And lastly is there any height requirement for becoming a pilot??

    your reply will be kindly appreciated 🙂 regards

    1. b4 u go for the course, u will ll need to go for medical check up class 1 which will decide either u are suitable or not.. i’m not sure about the height requirement.. for the spm, u need to have at least credit in bm, bi, & 3 others science subject.. that is what i know.. ^_^

  39. Hiii 🙂

    I was wondering, is it a must to complete both, PPL and CPL course? Or do I take either one?

    Would like to get the answer A.S.A.P
    Please and Thank you!!

  40. hello,i’m nasrul,16 years old.i want to be a pilot when i grow up but the problem is my eyes.can a spectacle guy like me be a pilot??

    1. spectacle is not a problem if u still meet the specification and power are not excessive.. that is what my friend told me.. he is ex-student of MFA and lots of his friend wearing spec..

  41. hi there.. in nen_c philip here.im juz finish form 6.. nw waiting 4 result…does loan available??
    i also want to know more about the cadet pilot training?can u guys send me the info of mfa n pilot course.thanks

  42. Hi, I have a question. I’m realy interesthing in become a pilot. I’m 22 years old, is there any optional for the academy to accept a student of my age, even though I know the candidate must be 17 or 18.
    Is there any other academy that can accept candidate of my age. Thank you.

    1. hey there.. i’m 21 and i also wanna be a pilot.. juz like u.. if im not mistaken the age for being a pilot is between 17 to 26.. so you still got the chance..

  43. good day! i am a spm leaver n right now i m waitin for the result. i am so much intrested to become a pilot since i was a small kid
    i would like to know is becoming a pilot a beneficial occupation in the future? is there any scholarship for those who scored well in the spm?

  44. Hei guys.. I’m nani.. Now, i’m Form Four in Science Stream.. Here i would like to ask about my health.. Pilot needs a good health.. If i’m tired, automatically i’ll get headache.. I’m really worried about that! A prompt and serious consideration from you would be much appreciated!

  45. Hello.. I’m Nani, a student Form Four would like to ask one question.. Is a good behaviour required in becoming a pilot? For example, me.. I’m a person who progresses in haphazard way.. I’m worried i won’t become a pilot.. I hope you’ll give a detail explaination for me as a guidance..

  46. Hi there.. Here i would like to ask about the salary of a pilot.. What’s actually the salary would i get per month if i be a pilot?? That’s all.. A prompt interjet from you would be much appreciated

  47. Hello, I’m Adriance from Kota Kinabalu. I would like to inquire regarding the proper procedure in applying young cadet pilot’s scholarship. I intended to seek for piloting scholarship opportunities immediately after SPM 2009 result is posted. Tq

  48. hello sir i just want to know something about pilot course….
    im arts stream student but im interest in pilot course… so can i be….. what qualification must have……..
    if can means what i should be do for be an pilot…..
    tell the full details… pls send as fast as u can

  49. Hello, I’m Raj. I have just got my SPM results and would like to know more about piloting courses in Malaysia and is there any scholarship for this course?
    Thank you.

  50. i am a girl,i am now on my way to proceed to enter the course to ba a CPL.and i match all the requirements.but i am confused,only problem is i am a GIRL.will i possibly be hired after graduate?i knw malaysia airlines hired girl but it seems like it needs alot of obstacles to be really picked as one.what if iam not hired?does other flying company actually wants a girl pilot??i am in a dilemma now to choose between pilot or just enter university as theres so many obstac;es

  51. hye…ok…i am jufa.now,,i’m 17.i studied in sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi selandar,melaka.i will take my spm examinations this year..i am so interested to be a pilot,..
    can i know,,what is the subject that i have scored very well to be a good pilot??
    and what is the rules to be a pilot???thanks.

  52. hi….i am girl..boleh ke saya jadi juruterbang sedangkan saya bertudung???now,i’m form 3..please reply..thanks.

    1. Of course you’ll be a pilot soon if you’ve a complete requirements in being a pilot.. Don’t worry about that.. Now, focus on your study first..

  53. Dear Sir,

    I’m currently in Form 6 studying econs. May i know how to apply to become a pilot as i will need a loan or scholarship because i come from a not so well off family.

    thanks in advance.

  54. Hello there.. Here i would like to ask one question.. Can i repeat again my test if i fail at the first?? A prompt interjet from you would be much appreciated..

      1. No, i didn’t take any test so far.. I just wanna know about that.. Thanks for your cooperation anyway..

  55. I’m indeed want to be a professional pilot, since this became my ambition few years ago, but till now, it remains unchanged. But i’m wondering whether can i get the job after i graduated? We have to find the job or MFA will guarantee there is a post for the graduated students? Furthermore, I want to know how many years should i study for this course? I wanna to know also when is the intake for this year?

    Waiting for ur favourable reply.. Thank you for anyone who willing to answer these questions.. 😉

  56. hi. i just got an approval from DCA. and now am studyin for my piloting exam for MFA this june. IF I PASS the exam, how can i get a loan? is it possible for me to get a loan? many say it is hard to get a 250k loan. please tell me it is possible. but how? i am having financial probs. =(

    1. how was the exam like? i wanted to apply for this corse once i finish my bond with MAS. have you tried ask the bank? i think if you pass the exam the school should sent a recommendation to the bank they got a mutual understanding with..

  57. hi there…
    i just to ask…
    if my English only got 5c in spm is alright,right?
    if i just take science modern and do not take science stream is it ok?

  58. hi,everyone P.E here,those who are spm leaver that not met the specific requirement don t worry just go straight forward,my friend got the same problems as you re having to,he s spm leaver,also an aspiring pilot,what even bothers he is that would the result stuck his child dream?after accomplishing his degree(not sure in what course) he try to get a letter approval from DCA and enroll in one of flying school prefered (apft i guess) and now he is one of the apft “boy”he told me maybe because of the diploma degree he were eligible to get the LETTER..so i strongly recommended to you to finish your 4 years degree..who knows you might be able to sit
    the cockpit as well

  59. Hi, my name Jacqueline Lucia. I want to be a pilot. I am on level 4, but I was in art stream. If the class is pelung to literary trends can be a pilot? is not the only problem is, I come from a family of easy. I want to hear the cost of entry to the MFA expensive. but I really want to be a pilot …

  60. I am 16 years old, .. and I had hoped to become a pilot since I step on the foot for the first time in the airplane when I was 5 years old, .. but I do not take science classes, ..do I still have a hope to continue after my dream after the SPM or I should take science subjects at university later ,..????
    please, .. I need a response from any party that can be helping me ..
    thank you

  61. hi there. i’ve an interest to be a pilot, 17 years old. for your information, both of my eye sights are -3.00 and my approximate height is around 182cm. i took pmr when i was in form 3(english-A, science-A and maths-B) and i just finished my o level(IGCSE) exam and currently waiting for my results which will be out somewhere in august. i didnt take physics but i did combined science-bio, chem and physics. Besides, i’m very good at english. i talk fluently and with confidence but i’ve a problems in solving o level maths. also, i dont really get good grade for my combined science as tht subject has chemistry. im weak at chem but not physics. i only have problems memorising the formulas in physics and also calculating them sometimes. what do u think? i hope my results are good and i would able to go to any flying academy. when my results are out, im just worried for my grades in maths and science.

    please reply asap. i would appreciate anyone’s reply.


  62. I understand that mfa does not offer scholarships but is there any other agencies providing scholarship to students who are really interested but have financial crisis???

  63. hye.im katy.im 17 will be sit for spm.i want to be a commercial pilot badly.but im in art stream.the question is i can be a pilot if i dont take science subject in spm like physic?

  64. hye sir,..i’m atiqah n i’m 16 years old
    i want to ask something,..
    if i do not take science stream
    can i still get a pilot?
    this is realy important 4 me,..
    pls reply as fast as u can sir,..=)

    1. hai, atiqah..

      as i know, to take the piloting course,let say, in order to get shcolarship, one must gain a ‘power’ result in math and physics subject,… but if you are in a good financial family,.. it’s doesn’t matter 4 u to take any scholarship, just settle down the payment, then prove in study, maybe you could be a wonderful pilot.
      (just in my opinion)

  65. Hi,

    I am 33 and am seriously thinking about going back to school to get my O-level qualifications and to take up an Aviation course to become a commercial pilot. But my issue is that i am 5 feet 2. I noticed in an entry above that the minimum height requirement in Malaysia is 5’3″ where as other airlines around the world including England have a much lower hight requirement. They say that height is not an issue as they have jack cushions and most of the peddles on the aircrafts are adjustable. I dont see how this makes any sense as most Asians are shorter than the Europeans.

    Can someone please help me clear this up?

    Thank you,

  66. hi there, for those whom are seriously interested on being a pilot, i am one of them…but the question is,can anyone tell me how many airline academy around Malaysia??? also which has the highest quality in producing ‘a pilot’ ????

    hope someone could help me settle this down.

    irwan – manir, terengganu

  67. hey whats up,

    i am 17 and i am sitting for my spm exam this year.Really serious to take up aviation but unfortunately i am a student in accounting class, just wondering whether i could take up aviation whereas i don’t have physics subject in my class but i still have general science subject.So do i have any chance to become a MAS commercial pilot!!!

  68. hi there,
    im 22 years old and i just finish my diploma in mechanical engineering recently. Am i qualified for the comercial pilot license ? and is there any loan that i can get to cover the training course??

  69. hi there,
    i am 17 years old this year and i will be sitting for my spm examination soon. i am a Art stream student…i’m not taking physics in high school…would general science be good enough?

  70. hi sir.
    i just got my o level results. just came out last week.

    i passed my english(a) and maths(b) but did badly in combined science. i ve 5 credits excluding science. can i still be a pilot? i really want to be as im interested in this course.

    pls reply. thanks

  71. Assalammuaikum..

    i have a question.i take Add math,biology,chemistry and ICT but i good in all subject especially add math,biology and chemistry…can i be a pilot?

    second question is…what weight can accept for these course?

    i SPM in 2010…

  72. I want to be a pilot. It’s my ambition please help me .From my age16 itself iam say to others iam a pilot . So please help me . I know your organisation never ignore me . Keep me in your mind. thank you.

  73. After i got my spm trial result, may i apply for any pilot courses??On the assumption that i got 5 credits on my physics, chemistry,biology,mathematics n additional mathematics…Can someone please help me clear this up?

  74. Hello
    Im Salihin
    And i wanted to be a pilot since 2006, but now is 2010, its just that i have this financial difficulties, =(
    Can MFA provide me a scholarship under MAS?
    Cause i got 6as for my SPM.
    I hope you can give me a positive answer, cause my family is having this financial difficulties.

  75. Hello Sir..I’m muhd Helmi.17 years old.I want to know what is the next step for me to do after my spm examination this year and will MFA provide the scholarship?
    When i can get the form to apply the MFA.

  76. hello,I am ram from JB (16 this year),soon will be pursuing SPM.I would like to be a cpl pilot.I just want to know how do i go about it after SPM?and what are the guarantees i would get a job in an airline after getting a CPL license from MFA?thank you.

  77. Hai im thinesh,now im 16 years old and im in form 4 pure science stream,next year i wil be 17 years old…i want to be a pilot,what should i do next year…?

  78. Hi.. I’m Dinesh and I’m 17 currently.. I’m an international school student.. I did not do my SPM but i did my CBSE(O’Levels).. Its something which is equivalent to SPM.. I have 5 credits.. I’m currently a LAW student.. And i would like to take up piloting as a part time course.. Kindly advise me on how to go about it.. My ambition was previously to become a pilot.. Due to some unexpected circumtances i couldnt persue with it.. Ur reply is much awaited for.. tq!

  79. hi there,now i’m really confuse whether to become a pilot or surgeon .Although,my dream was to become a pilot but at the same i’m also interested in becoming a surgeon.I really hope you can give me your best opinion.please reply as soon as possible. THANKS …………

  80. I am a female, 17 this year and going to 18 for next. I just done with my SPM. I really want to become a commercial pilot. But my family was facing financial difficulties. I heard that some of the airlines give sponsor to cadet pilot that they choosen. May I know how can I get that?

    Looking forward for your reply. Thank you very much and really appreciate it. Have a nice day! 🙂

  81. assalamualaikum.. im luqman.. i need help.. i did not take physics n chemistry..but can i still apply for this course??

  82. Hi…i just finished my spm n planning to join pilot school but there is a problem..I have credits in English,BM,mathematics but I got an E for my physics…please guide me on my next step as pilot has been my dream job ever since I was young..the funding is not so an issue for my family..thank you

  83. hi,my name is muhammad farizzulnaim.i was 17 now .i want to be a pilot.but nowdays i wearing a spectacles.by otherways,can i still take a pilot training and want to be a pilot on future?
    my english is not very well to..how can i be a pilot for the future ?

  84. if u r still keen in flying ,try out Air adventure Flying Club based out of Subang.call Andreas on 013-7232345. Got a piper warrior ii (160hp) with a last posted hire rate of RM550 per hour( subject to change with fuel).thx. Friendliest flying club ever.there have c152,c17?as well

  85. I’m just wondering, is there any scholarships to finace me for the Commercial Pilot Licence… The cost is overwhelming…. and if there is ANY scholarships please let me know by e-mailing me at gurdithsingh94@gmail.com……….. I badly need the scolarship because my mom is a single parent…. And if there is any more questions that is needed to asked to me, please e-mail me those questions to me….. Any help will be greatly appreciated

  86. hello i am from china and i want to become a pilot so i need to take a training course ATPL for pilot , how i can apply to MFA ?

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