MARA Loan: Checking and Making Payment

For those who obtained loan from MARA for their studies, apart from receiving the periodical outstanding loan statement through the normal mail, you can also alternatively check your loan amount online through MARA’s website.

This facility allows the users to check the remaining amount needs to be paid, as well as printing out the yearly statement quickly and accurately.

For the first time visitor, you will need to register as a new user and create a username and a password. These will need to be used for the first time and subsequent log ins. Other than checking your loan statement, you can also make your payment online. This is an alternative to the existing but jurassic payment method which is visiting the nearest MARA office and submit payment there.

Major banks that accept online payment on behalf of MARA are Maybank (Maybank2u), CIMB and Bank Islam (BIMB), and this online payment is termed as MARA’s e-bayar (e-payment). In fact, e-bayar is not only limited to repayment of study loans, but also applicable for other types of financial aids such as premise rent and advertisement slot. A processing fee of RM1 is incurred by Maybank and Bank Islam, while CIMB charged 50 cents.

If you wish to pay manually, you can also do so at the BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) and CIMB Bank counters by filling up the money deposit form. Another popular method is also making payment through POS Malaysia counters in major branches nationwide. To obtain more info about MARA’s e-bayar, visit MARA’s official website here.

16 Replies to “MARA Loan: Checking and Making Payment”

  1. i am about to apply for mara loan, it’s gud enough that mara would lend us the money to study,, however, the process could be smoother and more convinient if they provide the online apllication service. thanks

  2. salam..
    i student of iium…
    i’m taking arabic language programme…
    i already finished my foundation programme and will continue my study at main campus…
    can i apply mara loan for my degree?
    hopefully u can reply through my e-mail..

    thank you

  3. hye i’m a matriculation leaver
    during my study i’ve participate in various activities
    this affected my study and i did not do well
    but i pass thou
    my passion is mass comm
    but i’m offered e-dagang
    i wish i could further my study at lim kok wing
    and i’m in desperate need for a study loan
    and i assure that i will do well in mass comm.
    plz how do i apply mara loan?

  4. Hi.. i would like to apply Mara loan for my business. Am dun know how and where to do it.
    Hope you can reply me trough my email..

  5. hi..i heard mara loan for now is closed…when they will be open back??
    can u reply my email.. coz i really need this loan to cntue my stdy..

  6. hii..
    i’m from unikl..
    i juz want 2 know my loan application were receive or not.
    and how long i can get the loan cz most of my friends had receive it.

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