Police Get Salary Raise

Like it or not, the Malaysian police force are getting getting salary raise.

Under the new pay scheme, policemen from the rank of sergeants in the PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia) and above will enjoy new salary and allowances.

Those with the inspector rank are the biggest gainers and will be getting a starting salary of RM2,060 compared to the previous salary of RM1,492. Students who finish Diploma and SPM can also now join the force directly as sergeants with a starting basic salary of RM1,500. The previous pay was RM890.

With the introduction of the new pay scheme, an inspector can now take home more than RM3,000 salary which covers the basic pay, incentives, cost of living allowance (COLA) and housing allowance. To rank as an inspector, one will need to have a min degree qualification.

Of late, the police force has been a subject of criticism by the public and certain quarters in the country mainly due to the increasing crime statistics, and a number of seemingly unsolved high profile crimes. Let’s just hope they will work harder to safeguard the nation now.

The pay raise and allowance scheme came three years after it was recommended by the Royal Commission in 2007.

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  1. Saya dengan ini sangat berminat untuk menjadi seorang aggota Polis.Dengan ini,saya berharap agar diberi peluang untuk berkhidmat dalam Polis.

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