Probation Extension Letter Sample

Probation extension letter sample

Here is a probation extension letter sample which can be used against an employee (who is under probation) who has not shown satisfactory performance in their work.

During probation period, the employer will monitor the suitability of the newly recruited employee before taking the decision to confirm him/her. However, the employer has also the right to either terminate or extend the probation period, either with reason or without one.

Ideally, all employers would want to confirm their employees mainly due to cost associated with the hiring and training the new staff but it does not always work that way. To protect the interest of the company, the superiors, subordinates and peers, sometimes probationary staff is not converted to a confirmed staff.

Extending the probation is one of the actions employer will take when the new staff is not showing satisfactory performance. You can also read this article: Avoiding termination during probation.

Dear Masood,

This is to refer to your employment letter dated on …………………. with Mrs Rafidah Aziz, AP and Co. which requires you to undergo a probationary period of 6 (six) months upon joining the company abroad.

However, based on the evaluation, we regret to inform you that we are unable to confirm your employment at the moment. We would like to offer an extension of your current period for another 3 (three) months effective from the expiry of your original probationary period.

Within this 3 months, we shall assess and evaluate your performance and you will also be working closely with your superior to closely monitor your work and advise improvement accordingly. The extension offer is also subject to the same terms and conditions as stipulated in your employment letter.

If you are agreeable with the extension of the probation, we would very much appreciate it if you could sign your acceptance below and return to us at the soonest possible.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely


I hereby confirm that I fully understood the decision and (accept/reject) the extension of the probationary offer.



6 Replies to “Probation Extension Letter Sample”

  1. i think you are wrong, if company want to extend the probation they must put a reason in the extension letter so that the employee will know and what to improve during the extension period…

  2. The employer must, and is responsible to discuss further details with the employee on the sets of performance indicators and measures during the extension.

    But these are not necessarily be put in the extension letter. The important thing is to have the employee well informed on the specific areas where improvement is expected.

  3. do you have a sample of extension of employment contract. i have a staff that need the extension until we get a new staff. please help. thanks

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