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SKOR Career Resume Writing Service is an accomplished, career-winning professional resume writing service offered to discerning Malaysian job seekers vying to stand out in the competitive job market. With a reasonable investment, you can expect an inspiring ride and watch delightfully how a package specific to your job needs is comprehensively developed. This revolutionary resume writing thoughtfully analyzes your strengths and credentials, dynamically crafts your roles and responsibilities, pinpoints your best-selling achievements and ascertains the employer that you’re the right person for the job.

The eventual result of the service, in the end, allows you to make the following convictions:

  1. A resume is not just a string of ordinary and plain-sounding phrases, but one that denotes a sense of accomplishments and your capability to undertake the next challenge, regardless if you are a student, a fresh graduate or a professional.
  2. Delicate selection of powerful verbs, combined with precise use of profound adjectives in constructing your roles, responsibilities and achievements complements a piece of work that leaves a long-lasting impression to the prospective employer.
  3. Your resume is your resume – it sounds and represents you. There is no other similar piece of document that you can just find in a corner, or something that people can simply copy and paste as their own. It is tailored and personalized according to your targeted needs. And this goes similarly with the cover letter that comes together with this resume writing service.

If you’re put in a situation where you send your resume & job application to hundreds of companies but end up with no calls and interview invitations, then it is a sign you need some help. If you are tired of waiting for the call from the employer that never came, consider getting your resume professionally written, and consider to have someone to guide you in your lonely quest. Get someone who knows what he or she is doing.

Zulkifli Musa (Zul) is the founder of SKOR Career, a career information  blog and has many years of experience in the job market with the biggest recruitment companies, including Manpower Staffing and He has served the  staffing needs of various multinational companies including Intel, Motorola, DHL, Accenture, Shell, Ericsson, DiGi,  Maxis, Astro, OCBC, HSBC and many others. Thousands of visitors frequent the SKOR Career website on daily basis as the website continues to stamp its presence as a popular and trusted online job and career information source. Zul is also the writer of The Malaysian Job Seekers’ Dilemma book, available at local book stores.

With a reasonable investment of RM150, you are presented with an opportunity to completely change the landscape of your career for the next 15 years or so. Within 2-7 days (depending on the speed of your response), a brand new, sparkling resume will be delivered to your email box, together with a personalized cover letter designed to boost your job search quest.  On top of that, you will also get unlimited personalized consultation when you start your next job search quest.

Not Just Another Resume Writing Service

What differentiates this service with the rest is that simply yet frankly, it is not merely confined to resume writing but centered around the whole process from getting your resume ready until getting yourself job interviews. If you face challenges in getting your job quest on track, look nowhere else. Your job application methods (which include those online portal job applications), number of applications, sources you use in searching for job opportunities will be analyzed and we will work together to achieve the final objective.

What you need to understand here is that even though having a well-constructed resume is critical, the way you market yourself and the understanding of how the job market works are equally important.

“It’s the results that count.”

1. “Zul, have a glance at the resume just now, it definitely looks much better now. More organized and definitely looks more professional and impressive. I will look in more detail once I have the opportunity and feedback you any comments. But so far, I would say it is a job well done and a service worth subscribing and recommended to.” [Click for snapshot]

2. “Once again thank you very much. I’m now going through the details of the resume and might have some minor changes here and there. But on a quick glance, it looks great! Now that my resume is almost done, I’ll expect I’ll be starting on my job search quest real soon. Will keep you posted with the good news.” [Click for snapshot]

3. “Again I would like to say thank you for helping me out on the resume. I truly appreciate your help as that time I really needed someone neutral to look at my resume. Well, some updates. Recently, Texas Instruments called me up to arrange an interview this Friday 21st September….” [Click for snapshot]

4. “Hi Zul, thank you for your service. After you updated my resume, a Proton vendor company called me for an interview. Your knowledge is superb.” [Click for snapshot]

5. “Thanks Zul, excellent feedbacks. Just to let you know a secret.. I have been called by 4 financial institutions (2 Islamic banks, one foreign bank and one insurance company and tomorrow I’m going for a final interview at CEO level with one of them, they need a resume to complete a record. Thanks a lot.” [Click for snapshot]

6. “Dear Encik Zul, I am impressed with your service. There is something I’m not sure of….. “. [Click for snapshot]

7. “Hi Zul, thank you very much for the great job on my resume and cover letter. I am very satisfied with the end result and really appreciate your help.” [Click for snapshot]

A little trust goes a long way…

8. “Hi Zul, After doing business a couple of time with you, I know I can trust you. You are not the kind of man who leaves the job halfway. Because of that, I have paid in full.” [Click for snapshot]

A former client recommending to a friend…

9. “Hi Zul, I would be very glad if you could contact my good friend En. Azman. I’d spoken to him about your services and happy if you could explain to him more.” [Click for snapshot]

The workshop is also not only about creating resume per se; it’s about producing results and making a difference. In summary, the Resume Writing Service package will include the following:

  1. A brand new, professionally written resume
  2. A completely new, personalized and targeted cover letter
  3. Unlimited personalized consultation on job search and career

at a price of RM150.

Yes, I am Raring to Go!

To begin, fill up the information and attach your current resume (in Word or PDF) below. I shall get back to you on the next step including payment (at the moment most common payment method is through Maybank transaction).

TQ and look forward to hear from you and be your acquaintance.

Zulkifli Musa (Zul).

Fill up the information and attach your resume below to begin your resume writing service.

p/s: It appears some will have issue with the form below. If that’s the case, please direct your details to skorcareer[@] Thank you.

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