PSDC Offers Training to Jobless Grads

THE Pahang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) offers enhancement programmes for jobless graduates and school-leavers, and the trainees even get a monthly allowance of between RM500 and RM1,000.

PSDC business development division director Sarimah Morshidi said as jobs were limited due to the current trying times, jobless graduates and school-leavers should enrol in courses to acquire additional skills to make themselves more marketable, especially when the economy picked up.

“This is the best time for them to learn more skills to add to those they have already acquired.

“They not only will get knowledge but will also be given monthly allowances,” she said when met at her office in Kuantan recently.

She added that the programmes were the Industrial Skills Enhancement Programme (INSEP) that was designed for jobless graduates and the Workforce Technical Transformation Programme (WTTP) for school-leavers.

Both were fully sponsored by the government, she said.

INSEP offered four courses on information, communication and technology and another four on technical subjects for a duration of between six and 11 months. Course participants would get RM1,000 monthly, she added.

There were five courses in WTTP on petrochemical, electrical, electronic and computer system, for a period ranging from nine months to a year, and the trainees would get RM500, monthly, Sarimah said.

Another programme for school-leavers was a three-month building wiring installation course sponsored by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), but no allowance is given to trainees, she added.

“The PSDC offers 546 places annually for the three programmes and the most popular ones are the INSEP courses.

“Based on studies carried out by the centre, more than 80% of the trainees will land a job within six months of completing their courses,” Sarimah said.

As an approved training provider, the PSDC also targeted the small and medium enterprise (SME) community with the focus on operational and entrepreneurial skills.

Many SME companies still lacked knowledge on running their businesses effectively and they should equip themselves with information and skills to better respond to new market trends and segments, she added.

“The PSDC has up to 60 training programmes, for which 80% of training fees are supported by SMIDEC,” Sarimah added that the companies could also join PSDC SME Community Membership programmes, under which they could enjoy substantial savings.

The centre has 154 SME community members, from the manufacturing, service and hospitality industries in Pahang and Terengganu.

The centre also has 15 corporate members that are mainly multinational companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries operating in the Gebeng industrial area.

For more details, call 09-573 200 or check the website at – The Star

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