PTD Post (Pegawai Tadbir Dan Diplomatik) is Now For All Races

PTD or Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik is considered one of the most exclusive positions in the civil service. Maybe sounds overrated, but PTD is a fast track to power, glory and fame. Those with strong capability and those with strong cabelity will go through rapid promotion and will eventually hold key government positions that include KSU (Ketua Setiausaha), Director General (Ketua Pengarah), District Officer (DO) and KSN (Ketua Setiausaha Negeri).

PTD is one of the earliest posts introduced in the Malaysian civil service which started back in 1904. It was first known as Malaysian Home and Foreign Services (MHFS), then changed to Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatik (PTD) as we know today. The PTD officers are involved in the country development at all levels.

Pegawai Tadbir and Diplomatik (PTD)They are responsible in strengthening the country administration function, social infrastructure development, economy and the industrial. In other words, it is one of the most important portfolios before the country embraced and emphasize on the private sector. As the name sounds, some of the PTD officers are also sent as the country diplomatic representative and are based in the Malaysian embassies abroad. But that’s not all about PTD. Apart from the international diplomatic representation, the PTD also consists of the following fields, namely:

  • International Relation
  • National Security and Defense
  • Information Technology and Communication Management
  • Administration and Development
  • Human Resources and Organizational Management
  • Financial Resources and Management

Recently, Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that the PTD post now is open to all races.

In a bid to expand the talent pool in the civil service, the Government has opened applications for Administrative and Diplomatic Officers (PTD) post to anyone, including those from outside the public sector.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said anyone entering the workforce and experienced staff with talent in multi disciplines could apply for the post.

“If these people have proved their worth in other services they could apply to be PTD officers; then the government sector will have a more effective talent pool.

“This is in line with the Government’s intention to recruit the best talents and best brains for the public sector,” he said.

Source: The Star, 24 January 2008.

This means that we will see more Chinese in the government department.

We will see more Indians in the civil service. More mixed racial distribution in the PTD post.

Will this happen?

Well, let’s hope this is for real.

[Photo: PM with PTD officers as in Utusan Malaysia]

17 Replies to “PTD Post (Pegawai Tadbir Dan Diplomatik) is Now For All Races”

  1. Im one of the uitm students. For me its ok, the government open the opportunity to all Malaysian citizens who has a talent to grab this point. It the best way to prevent the Malay youth from joblessness. It also give us hope and will to make career on the public sector. Perhaps one day i’ll become the PTD. I have to compete to the others when i graduate. Anyway the government had give me opportunity to continue my study at UiTM. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi

    I think the heading for this entry misrepresents the quoted article.

    “In a bid to expand the talent pool in the civil service, the Government has opened applications for Administrative and Diplomatic Officers (PTD) post to anyone, including those from outside the public sector.”

    Please note that DPM said “… including those from outside the public sector”, and did not touch on race as a measure of eligibility.

    PTD was never meant to be exclusively for the Malays.

    I applaud the Govt.’s intention to attract the best and the brightest.


  3. Syamsiah, There are 3 stages that u have to undergo in order to fill in PTD post. First u have to take SPA test. Second will must attend PAC, which is a complusory cousre before the real interview. =)

  4. hi…

    i am a PTD officer…
    just want to respond to this article and some other questions and comments..
    minimum requirement for PTD is degree. However, u need to sit for the exam and PAC and interview..
    for those who have the opportunity to be a PTD, congrats and good luck…
    i’m agree with shahhh…there are non malays in this service..even my boss is not a malay. So, this proved that it is not the matter of race…hope u guys will be a PTD one day!….

  5. i wanted to apply for PTD but only will graduate my diploma in December. can i still apply for PTD?i really wanted to apply.just dont know how and what is the other requirement.

  6. for those who want to start a career as PTD, think it again. better to be a lecturer or doctors coz promotion is very fast, u started at DS45 and after that 48,52,54 and Jusa and turus at no time and without have to wait for vacant post, compared to PTD u will stuck at gred M41 for a long,long PTD dosen’t necessary be a KSN, or KSU coz it’s open to all gov’t sceme now..

  7. I have passed the final interview and waiting for the letter offer to my 1st day reporting on the 3rd of April. I’m wondering where they gonna post me. Anyone have any experience? Pls mind to share. Thanks.

  8. hahaha non malays always push malays to share what the malays have
    but dominate with racial prejudice with whatever they have,
    i hope to see malays in private companies,they have received cruel discrimination by those in charge in private businesses

    1. So true. I am not malay..and im all for non malays in gov positions, but I’ve seen many non malays, especially Chinese, discriminate against malays and east malaysian natives. It goes both ways, if you want to be respected, respect others.

  9. hi im first year law degree student,ive heard about this ptd position from my lecturer and im intrested in it,but i wonder i will be able to apply for this position right after my graduation or have to gain some working experience then only have to apply for it.anyone can clarify it for me please?

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