Q: Dealing With Recruitment Agency

M is a final year student currently finishing his degree studies in Germany. At the moment he is doing a practical work with Volkswagen, one of the major automotive forces in Germany and due to be back in Malaysia to commence his employment back in the country.

M is interested to deal with the recruitment agencies in Malaysia to help him in his quest searching for jobs and is looking for some tips and guide before dealing with the recruitment agencies.


I want to send my CV to some recruitment agencies but i don’t really know to which one i should send since there are quite a few in the list provided in your ebook. Can you give me some suggestions based on reliability and effectiveness? I also would like to ask how should i pay for the service and if there is anything that i should pay attention to? Would you suggest me to use this service or should i just try my luck by applying on my own?


It is quite subjective to talk about reliability and effectiveness of a recruitment agency in Malaysia; it is a combination of timing, luck, availability of related job vacancies and the consultant that you speak to. Sometimes it doesn’t work well with one candidate but becomes a gold mine for another. So I’d suggest you to be in touch with as many as your hands can reach to maximize your chance.

Established recruitment agencies do not charge any fees for their service to the job seekers. If there are some agencies asking for fees for their service (the fee structure is in the form of either a one-off payment during registration, or some percentage of your first month salary if you’re recruited by their client), my advice is simple: stay away from them. They are a few in the market who are practicing this but I have refrained from listing them in my ebook.

If the recruitment agency makes it clear to which company(ies) your resume will be sent to, wait for a few weeks before you send your resume and job application directly to the employer.

Also, while engaging yourself with recruitment agency, make sure it is clear if the position is a permanent or contract job. If it is a contract, chances are (but not all) that recruitment agency will be your employer (and not their client) if the contract is signed between you and the agency. This means that your compensation will be according to the recruitment agency’s standard and may differ with the compensation of the permanent staff working with the client.

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