Rejecting A Job Offer – Sample Letter/Email

After rounds of negotiation, you’ve had enough. The prospective employer has tabled a final offer. They too, have had enough. They have made it clear, this will be the final one. No more going back to the negotiation room. No more increase in the basic salary. No addition in the allowance. The contractual bonus stays as it is.

The ultimatum has been given. And they need you to answer.

You look at the offer.

It’s not what you want.

Even though it is better than the previous offers, it does not meet your all your indicated requirements. Something is missing. Maybe it’s the contractual bonus. Or the share options scheme. Or the medical benefits. Anyhow, it is no longer relevant now. The important point is, it’s not an offer you will take.

Just like the prospective employer, you don’t want to be trapped in the negotiation circle and go back begging for more. So it’s time for a parting shot. You want to make it clear, since they can’t accommodate to your request, then you have point to make too. You are ready to reject the job offer.

You look at your desk phone.

“Well, I have spent quite some time negotiating this with them. If I call them, I would prolong the issue.”

So you thought that it’s better for you to write a letter and email it to them. Even though somehow you’re disappointed with the whole process, which is nothing close to what you have expected, you still want to maintain your composure. While you can take the opportunity to rap the employer, you have chosen to do it otherwise. Full professionalism. After all, the world is small and you want to establish rapport with people in the same industry.

Here’s a sample of job offer rejection that might do it. Concise, and straight to the point.

Dear Mr John Chow,

Thank you very much for offering me the position of Research Analyst with your company. I am thankful for your time in discussing the details of the position with me and giving the time for me to consider your offer.

After due consideration, I have regretfully decided not to proceed accepting with the offer at the moment. I am appreciative of your professionalism and your prompt response during the negotiation round, as well as your consideration and the sharing of the opportunity with me.

Yours faithfully,


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