Remisiers Turning To Part Time Jobs

The world economy is going haywire and businesses are slow everywhere.

Everyone is stingy and it is not a particularly good time to sell anything, really. And stock or share trading is not spared.

The Star reported a growing number of local remisiers who had to look for part time jobs as alternative to their current role as less and less people are interested in the stock market in recent days.

Such part time jobs include selling unit trust and insurance, as well as becoming a real estate agent. Many of them were earning full time income as remisiers before the world economy was hit hard but the credit crunch and recession.

But selling financial products also present them with the same problem – not many people are buying them now as everyone is looking at ways to shrink their wallet. As for being in the property market, it is said that the best time to buy is during recession and economic downturn, but finding those who have the money at the moment is as difficult as finding a needle in hay stack.

A remisier is a representative or an agent working on behalf of a stock broking company and earns commissions through successful transaction he or she made.

Remisiers work independently most of the times and are not directly employed by the companies they represent; as such, they do not receive fixed monthly salary.

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