Resignation Letter Sample for Short Notice

Resignation letter sample for short notice

Following is a resignation letter sample for short notice.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This serves as my resignation letter from my position as the Marketing Executive in your organization. After 3 years with the company, I think the time is up for me to gain exposure and find new challenges. Let me ascertain you that my tenure with this company has been rewarding and I thank you for the opportunity.

Here, I have been given the opportunity to grow my technical and leadership skills, through the series of developments planned by the management and my superior. I only have the admiration and gratitude with all the opportunity given to me here.

I would also like to inform of my intention to serve a two-week notice instead of 1 month, which is stipulated in my letter of employment. I understand that by cutting short my notice of resignation, I may be subject to payment in lieu for not completing the whole of the resignation period.

I also understand in case like this, the decision will be on case to case basis. I appeal to the company to allow me to serve this two-week notice, and am hoping for a positive response from your end.

I thank you again for the employment opportunity with the company, and I wish the company all the best.

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  1. i copied and pasted ur sample (amended the notice period as stated in my employemnt letter). my employer threatens to sue me. said that my letter states that the decision is on him whether to let me go off earlier. so, u have anything to say?

  2. Exactly on what ground your employer is suing you? I don’t see any. Clearly, your boss is not handling the situation very well.

    The letter indicates your wish to serve earlier notice (which is still subject to agreement , and by no means telling the employer you will definitely go within (whatever shorter period you’ve indicated). If your boss understands the letter correctly, he or she will discuss with your to reach at the best decision.

    If you feel your employer is intimidating you, report the case to the nearest labor/industrial office, and let the authority gives their piece of mind to your boss.

  3. my contract have end on December. The company had give us notice that the company will close down due to losses…
    and to fulfill ongoing commitment for the remaining project, they had extend the till June, after that my services is no longer required.
    There is no details in this notice if i would like to resign early before contract end .

  4. we are in a big organization iam IT officer under the supervisition of administration directorate, as well transport officer, logistic offier, HR officer, Finance officer, we are all working for the help of a goverment staff they are working in the criminal justice, there is about 8 bosses working in justice but ever wana press administration directorate for some office lows so now we every one wana resign specially me IT officer, i want a resignation letter.

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