Resignation Letter Sample (General)

Resignation letter sample, general reason

Following is a resignation letter sample for general purposes (applicable to most circumstances):

Re: Notice of Resignation

Dear Mr/Ms Manager,

I wish to inform you my decision to resign from my position as Account Executive. I will be serving the one month resignation notice as is stipulated in my employment letter. I had initially informed my decision to resign verbally to my superior and this is the official follow up on the matter.

It has been a fabulous two years serving the organization and certainly, this is an extremely difficult decision to make. I have been blessed with a dynamic team members around me, with a hugely capable supervision by Danesh Thomas. During my tenure here, I have been allowed to spearhead a number of key projects and contributing towards growing the yearly revenues.

Nevertheless, having considering various factors, I decided this is the best option for me to do. I am ready to discuss with you or other team members on the handover plan before my departure. I will also do whatever possible to assist making the smooth transition arising due to my resignation.

I thank the company for being a good employer for me, and I wish the team best of luck in the future undertakings.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Full Name

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