Resignation Letter Sample

A resignation letter sample

Following are steps and guide in resigning from job, as well as a resignation letter sample you can use in informing your decision to quit your job.

For those who have read the article, resigning from job, you would have understood by now that it is not necessary for you to write the so-called impressive resignation letter. One line resignation notice should be adequate.

But of course, some of us will want more than just a one-line resignation notice. We insist to make an impression. We intend to leave with a high note. That is fully understood.

Below is a resignation letter sample that will serve the purpose. Add some more substance and use your creativity to make it more customized.

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter serves as my official resignation notice with DuGu Sdn Bhd as Senior Marketing Analyst. I will be serving notice as per stipulated in my terms of employment.

The move to leave the organization is a difficult decision-making process with me, especially considering  the company’s contribution towards my positive growth and development. My 3-year period with the company has allowed me to expose myself with highly competent peers, superiors and subordinates.

I am particularly grateful to my immediate superior, Mr. Korek Lingam and other senior members of the team who have been tirelessly guiding me along throughout my professional attachment with Dugu Sdn Bhd. However, the time has come for me to seek other opportunity and challenge myself in new different environment.

In view of my resignation, I would appreciate it if you can expedite to acknowledge my resignation and initiate the finalization of all the related matters prior to my departure.


7 Replies to “Resignation Letter Sample”

  1. Could you give me an Idea how to give a valid reason to my boss that I want to resign. As now, only me and my boss in the department. I dont want her to feel like i ran away from work as now are the peaks season (a lot of renewal(insurances)).

  2. can you please provide me a sample retrenchment letter? We intent to retrench my driver cum desptach as we are downsizing and no longer require his services.


  3. I work 5mths oledi and dun have any attitude problem. But they keep hold me and not confirm me til now. So, if i wan to resign within 24hrs, is it possible?

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