5 Common Resume Mistakes

5 common resume mistakes you should avoid

Followings are 5 common resume mistakes you should avoid when writing or preparing your resume.

1. Over elaborate.

A typical resume ranges between 2-4 pages; it could be more if you’re already in a senior position. Make sure your resume is compact and concise, with all key information to be conveyed to the reader is there. Never elaborate too much on your job descriptions, and don’t make it too wordy. As a rule of thumb, use 6-8 bullet points to describe your position responsibilities.

2. Tells the reader how much you’re earning now.

This is a major mistake. Worse is to list down all the benefits you’re getting (Yes, we have this type of candidates). Your key objective of letting your resume being read is to excite the interviewer and to show that you have the skills, qualifications and background to take up new position in their company.

3. Tells the reader how much salary you’re expecting.

The prospective employer is yet to appreciate your value, and if they think that you’re too expensive or too cheap, you’re not in good position to elaborate to them why you worth that much. Let them evaluate your skills and achievement, before going too fast on the salary subject.

4. Write confessional descriptions on your job. Write “Occasionally exceeded normal working hours to ensure all customers’ complaints are resolved in timely manners” rather than “The current job requires me to work long hours and I have to cope with a lot of issues especially complaints from external customers.” Never indicates you’re not happy with your current job (even if you are) and don’t show you’re desperate for another job.

5. Contains unnecessary information.

Every information in your resume must point towards supporting your candidature for the position. You don’t need to elaborate on all the degree subjects that you have completed 5 years ago and assume it increases your chance of being short listed. Keep in mind that a good advertisement is one that is simple, less wordy yet can attract attention in a matter of seconds. Same goes with your resume.