Retiring from Job? Move to Washington

In case you are a retiree, or in the midst of retiring, chances are you may still need job later. Statistically, up to 70% of American adults still plan to hit the job market when they reach the ideal retirement age.

It’s quite unfortunate that many of the retirees were unable to save enough money to live without a job until the day they die. So, if you are retiring, and still look forward to get a job, consider moving to Bellevue, Washington.

Bellevue was recently named as the best place for a retiree to get a job in America in a survey conducted by the US News and World publication, with the help of a number of recruitment agencies specializing in the placement of the retirees and the ‘older professionals’. (Source)

Bellevue is a rapidly changing and developing city, with the Downtown Bellevue being the second largest city center in the state of Washington. It has a population of well over 100,000. Bellevue takes name from a French word which means ‘beautiful view’.

And not too worry; it is relatively safe to live in Bellevue. Based on reports, Bellevue is named as among the 25 safest cities across America, and has a city police department soundly supported by the community and residents.

Recently, CNN Money also named Bellevue as the best place to launch a business and live.

Other than Bellevue, other cities which are also highly rated in terms of employment for the retirees are Bismarck (North Dakota), Charleston (West Virginia), Charlottesville (Virginia), Ithaca (New York), Huntsville (Alabama), Lubbock (Texas), Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), Rochester (Minnesota) and State College (Pennsylvania).

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