Retrenched Mother Turns To Stealing

Retrenchment has forced a young mother in Penang into becoming a thief. But it is not a multi-million burglary we’re talking about.

The mother, in her 20s, was caught while on shoplifting spree in Sunshine Square, a popular super market store in Bayan Baru.

Among of the 24 items stolen were milk powder, chewing gum, chocolates,  raisins, coffee and other confectionery items. Even petai was in her ‘shopping list’. Total cost = RM275.09.

The woman, who pleaded guilty, was jailed for two days and fine RM300. In her plea, she confessed to resorting to stealing after the factory she worked for had shut down its operation and all staff were retrenched. She was in desperation as she has a 3-year old child and a few siblings to support.

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