Review Salary of Local Malaysians

The Human Resources Ministry has urged the employers to review the salary offered to local Malaysians to attract more homegrown people to work for them.

It has also suggested for the employers to introduce a better compensation scheme for the vacant positions left by the foreigners.

According to its minister, Datuk Dr S Subramaniam, unattractive salary package offered by many employers has hindered many locals from accepting the jobs, with many opting to work overseas when there are opportunities.

The state of employment has been a public concern where more and more jobs offered in the country were taken by foreign workers. For instance, about half of over 200,000 workers in the plantation industry now are made up of foreigners from various countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

In the recent months, the ministry has been calling out employers to save jobs for locals and should there be any move to retrench workers, foreigners should go first. Even though the government has decided to increase the levy imposed on bringing in foreign workers into the country in the recently announced mini-budget, the ministry believes that it is not a sensible solution and would only cause the country to lose its global competitiveness.

But Subramaniam stopped short of putting blames to the local workers; many of them found too choosy about the wok scope and would not settle for jobs involving menial duties and field labor.

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