The Richest Man in Malaysia: Still the Same Guy

Who is the richest man in Malaysia, now?

Well, it is still the same guy: Robert Kuok. Kuok is also known as the “sugar king”, which refers to his sugar business that makes him a fortune. Today, other than sugar and plantation, Kuok’s businesses include property & real estate, hotel chains, investment and so on. He currently resides in Hong Kong. Kuok has been the richest man in Malaysia for a number of years running.

Kuok suffers an 8% drop in his fortune, but yet it’s still RM45.7 billion, an amount unimaginable by most Malaysians. Last year, his net worth was valued at RM50.04 billion.

The second richest person also goes to the last year’s same person. It’s Ananda Krishnan. The two are trailed by Teh Hong Piow (founder of Public Bank) and Lee Shin Cheng (founder of IOI Corporation). Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary is at fifth, making him the richest bumiputera in the country.

Another prominent profile on Malaysia’s rich list is Tony Fernandes, the main guy behind Air Asia. He is listed at number 15, quite far away in making himself as the richest man in Malaysia at the moment. Altogether, they are 30 Malaysians who are ranked as “billionaires.”

Tony Fernandes has his base in London, while the rest of the richest men lives in Malaysia.

The rich list is produced by the Malaysian Business magazine, which published the yearly list of 40 richest people in Malaysia.