Wealthiest Young Footballers in Britain

Regardless of your career or profession, if you do your job well, big money will be rolling and your net worth will be skyrocketing.

Sunday Times has compiled a list of the richest football players playing in the English Premier League whose age are 30 years old or less.

It came as a surprise to see Michael Owen, who at present is neither drawing the highest salary nor playing his best football, sitting on top of the ranking.

But as far as the net worth is concerned, it does not matter how the player performs or how high his pay is – it’s how they use the money to grow their value does.

The rest of the list shows familiar figures, with players from big clubs especially Manchester United and Chelsea dominating.

1. Michael Owen

Age: 29. Club: Newcastle United. Net worth: £41 million

Since making his grand entrance in 1998 Word Cup in France, Michael’s pace and accuracy allowed him to single handedly destroyed the opponents, including the Gunners in FA Cup final 2001 and the Germans in World Cup 2002 qualifying round. His sharpness deteriorated after switching club from Liverpool to Real Madrid. Now in the midst of reviving his career with Newcastle.

2. Wayne Rooney

Age: 23. Club: Manchester United. Net worth: £35 million.

At 16, Rooney rocked the world of football after his 25-yard thunder strike helped Everton to end Arsenal’s run of 49 unbeaten games. Realizing his potential, big clubs were lining up to buy him but it was Manchester United who did it with a record transfer fee. While 6 years ago he was earning merely £80 per week as an amateur, now he can stand tall with £130,000 salary per week, excluding bonuses.

3. Rio Ferdinand

Age: 30. Club: Manchester United. Net worth: £28 million.

Known as Mr Reliable, both for his club Manchester United and his country England. His impressive outing as the center back during the World Cup 2002 in Japan earned him a place in the FIFA World Cup squad. Ferdinand broke the transfer fee record after moving from West Ham to Leeds, and then emulated the same feat after joining Manchester United.

4. Frank Lampard

Age: 30. Club: Chelsea. Net worth: £19 million.

In Chelsea shirt, Lampard does not have issue scoring big goals and assuming his captaincy role, but there seems to be a problem when he plays for England – he seldom looks the dangerous Lampard he has always been. However, that does not stop him from earning one of the highest pays as a footballer with £150,000 weekly wages, on top of multi million dollar contract with Adidas.

5. Steven Gerrard

Age: 28. Club: Liverpool. Net worth: £19 million.

Gerrard is highly remembered for his magical role in the Champions League 2005 final against AC Milan, which saw his team coming back from a 3 goal deficit and eventually won the game in a dramatic penalty shoot out. Known for his long short accuracy, dribbling capability and massive stamina. He has also won a string of awards including PFA Young Player of the Year, Player of the Year, UEFA Most Valuable Player and many more.

6. John Terry

Age: 28. Club: Chelsea. Net worth: £16 million.

John Terry is another one of the highest paid footballers around, with £140,000 per week, plus £4 million dollar deal with Umbro. Terry is known for his tough defense, and whenever he goes to the penalty box, he can score goals like a genuine striker. He missed a penalty during the UEFA Champions League final against Manchester United last season, and came home as the losing team.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Age: 23. Club: Manchester United. Net worth: £15 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo is surely one of the world’s hottest footballers at this very moment. 30 goals he scored last season as a midfield player tells a lot about his supreme capability. Known for his mazy run, superb dribbling skill and deadly finishes. Certain group of people think that his flamboyant life style might lead to premature end to his sterling career. Let’s watch and see.

8. Damien Duff

Age: 30. Club: Newcastle United. Net worth: £14 million.

Damien Duff was once a feared winger especially when played for Chelsea and Republic of Ireland. His style, which is similar to another of Chelsea’s player, Arjen Robben, forced his early exit to Newcastle United. Duff is a versatile player who can play on the right, left or center. He started his career in Blackburn, and after helping the club winning promotion to the Premier League, cash-rich Chelsea came to sweep him away.

9. Didier Drogba

Age: 30. Club: Chelsea. Net worth: £13 million.

A dangerous forward, Drogba is the Premier League’s top scorer and was recently crowned the African Footballer of the Year. There was once a famous saying if Ivory Coast has 5 Didier Drogbas, then the country would have won the last 2006 World Cup. In his youth, Drogba self trained himself by playing football every day in a city’s car park.

10. Emile Heskey

Age: 30. Club: Wigan. £12 million.

A rather low profile player, Emile Heskey is less subject to highlights and controversies, but has always been delivering goods, especially during his days as Liverpool and England player. Mainly plays in front of goal, but his versatility allows him to play in the flank, both right or left.

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