RM1,045 in one day doing 14 jobs

I was reading Asia Pacific Headhunter blog when I stumbled upon their story about a young chap in Japan who tried to create the world record of doing the most jobs in one day. It was presented in a video format depicting his journey from one job to another riding his bicycle. The idea was presented by LoveJobs, a Japanese website (with English translation) that is targeted to showcase the challenge. It follows the latest work trend in Japan where part time employees fulfill the employer’s very short term needs (e.g. few hours) capitalizing their mobility and close proximity to the job location.

At the end of the day (he started the jobs at 4am and finished around 3.50am the next morning) he has traveled 39.6km doing 14 different jobs and ended up with a total pay of 35,900 Yen, which is equivalent to RM1,045 or more than 300 US dollars.

We should ask ourselves, how many jobs we are willing to do in one day? If we are willing to do half of the job the guy did, we can still end up with RM500 in our pocket. If we do it 22 days per month (assuming you take off on weekends, just like our normal 9-5 job), we earn RM11,000 (USD3200) per month. The figure is a lot higher than the salary of many directors in private corporations in Malaysia.

Below is the video of the story for you to enjoy.

Perhaps, we will already start complaining when we have 2 jobs in hand.

By the way, I was invited to be as a guest writer for AsiaPartTime last week. And my first article is how you can make your part time business and job a successful venture. Click here to read full article.

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  1. You can take up as many jobs as you like, but most important is balance of life.

    Zul, you may write up a guide on how to balance your life while taking extra jobs. Another good area to share is about “Time Management”. As a fans of this blog, I wish to learn more on this because I am having problem on managing my life with so many jobs on hand.

  2. Yes, seems like i need the advice too. At times, we have so many things in mind to do in only very limited time. Anyway, I’ll to see if I can come out with suggestions in an article.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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  4. Hi Zul,
    i just came across ur blog while searching for part time jobs in malaysia.
    Do u have any, i mean part time jobs in hand at the moment (for guys)
    I’m desperate to look for immediatte extra pocket money at the moment.
    Due to my family member need some cash for operation.
    Could u help me out of this?
    Kindly let me know if u have any. thanks so much 🙂
    and by the way, ur blog looks cool. keep it up and more updates.
    have a nice day too.
    Bless ya.


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