Robert Kuok Still Richest Man in Malaysia

Robert Kuok maintains its status as the richest man in Malaysia with a total worth of staggering RM50.04 billion. He has been the country’s richest man for many years in a row.

The latest 2011 list was compiled by the Malaysian Business (MB) magazine. MB is a prime business magazines that specialized in the analysis of businesses, financials and entrepreneurial aspects, mostly within Malaysia context. Every year, the magazine publishes and ranks the wealthiest businessmen and women in the country.

Richest Man in Malaysia: Robert Kuok
The Richest Man in Malaysia: Robert Kuok

Media tycoon, T. Ananda Krishnan (Maxis, Astro, TGV), is ranked the 2nd richest with RM45.78 billion worth of asset. Teh Hong Piow, the Public Bank chairman was third with a reported fortune of RM12.77 billion.

Three of the richest 20 in Malaysia come from the Bumiputra ranks, namely Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary (various businesses – property, defense, logistics and retail), Azman Hashim (Ambank) and Tun Mahathir’s son, Mokhzani (Kenchana Petroleum).

Known as the “sugar king”, Robert Kuok made his fortune through the sugar business, stamping his authority as one of the largest sugar distributors in the country. The success of his sugar business allowed him to venture into other businesses that include hospitality (he controls the Shangri-La hotel chain), shipping, oil and gas, logistics and milling, and slowly yet surely climbing up to eventually become the richest man in Malaysia.

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