5 Samples of Job Interview Essays

5 samples of short job interview essays (with sample answers):

1. Question: Share a situation where you have to maneuver a good leadership skill in other to resolve a conflict. Describe the conflict, the steps you have taken, and the results or outcome of your steps.


During the final semester of my college, we were tasked to organize a career fair in the college, where I was appointed as the chairman of the organizing committee.

When approaching the final preparation, an argument erupted between two key members on the key committee which significantly derailed the launching plan. To solve the problem, I met each of them, solicit the real cause and found the trigger of the problem which was caused by previous relationship issue.

I also persuaded them to meet each other in person, apologized and work towards the professional objective as they had their reputation at stake, which they duly did. Not only did they accomplish their task well, they became friends again afterwards.

2. Question: Describe your strength that will benefit the company, as well as your weakness and how you’re going to cope with your weakness.


I am a meticulous person who also pay a lot of attention to details of my work. With these qualities, I can be a reliable and trusted person to carry out duties requiring accuracy but needed to be accomplished in short period of time. However, this somehow contributes to my weakness as I tend to get stuck whenever there are inconsistencies of data or information. This can potentially danger my targeted timeframe.


3. Question: Share your thought on qualities that will make a good consultant.


First, a consultant must have an expertise in soliciting information from the clients. They are expected to have good skills in both listening and compiling. By establishing the framework about the customer’s problems, only then the real problems can be identified and addressed.

Another equally essential quality is the interpersonal skill, combining two key elements, namely the persuasive skill and the selling capability. With this skills, the job of convincing the customers with our solution will be made smoother.

4. Question: Please describe the differences, if any, between a good manager and a good leader. Which one you prefer to be?


There are compelling differences between a good manager and a good leader. A good manager is very much a task-oriented person, where his goal is centered towards accomplishing the assignment and work assigned to him. A good manager pays little attention to the resources that he has as long as he can meet the deadline and accomplish his duty.

On the other hand, a good leader is someone who brings out the best in his team, get them motivated and driven to achieve common professional goals and tasks. A good leader gets his subordinates pumped up and motivated. In other words, a leader pays a lot of attention to the resources at his hand, particularly human, and structure how to maximize these resources.

A good leader is a good manager, but a good manager does not necessarily mean good leader. So, it is obvious that being a leader is my choice.

5. Question: Describe an ideal working environment for you.


My ideal working environment would be one with little barrier to communicate with peers, subordinates, supervisors and even the top management. This provides a platform where a worker can express his opinion without fear and bureaucracy limitation towards making the company a better place to work, and ultimately help to propel the success of the company.

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