Sendayu Tinggi Changed Rozita Ibrahim’s Life

Who would think that a poor, abandoned and formerly struggling rubber taper would overcome all adversities and create a multi-million empire? This is exactly what Rozita Ibrahim did with Sendayu Tinggi. Not only she overturned her fortune, she also helped to change other people’s lives by providing jobs and business opportunities. Against all odd, Rozita proved that one does not need to be necessarily equipped with everything he or she needs before they can start embarking on a journey to change one’s life. She started with almost nothing. No education. Little money.

Rozita married her husband at a tender age of 18 years without much life and career choice. The plan sounded simple enough. Get married, have kids, be a good wife and live happily ever after. What seemed to be a promising life turned into a painful marriage experience. She eventually ended up a divorcee with 4 kids to care. She was doing all sort of odd jobs to feed her children, and that include being a rubber taper and doing other menial jobs.

Her life was filled with sorrow and tears. She decided to try her luck in the city and worked as production operator, promotion executive as well as being in the multi-level marketing. Her meager income enabled her to feed her kids but it was nowhere close to give her the good taste of life. She knew if she wanted to change her fortune and her family’s fate, she needed something else.

One day, Rozita was toying with the idea to create her own supplement products for health industry. It sounded crazy at first but she decided to pursue with it anyway. She gained RM400 by selling her jewelry to a pawn shop, and spent the money formulating health supplement based on the natural herbs. Her first product was a supplement that would help people to lose weight.

But there is a slight problem in her experimental test – there is no one who would test her product. So Rozita turned to you-know-who, herself, to become the guinea pig. She become the tester in her own Research & Development work. She put up weight, and tested the medication on her own – 3 times. In order to expand her business, she tried to seek financial help from a bank. She was flatly turned down by bank officers, telling her the odd of success in the herbal industry small.

But she never gave up. All she wanted is to free her life from a struggling world. She dreamt of running her own company, producing her own products and bearing the brand name she invented. She envisaged herself signing checks and appearing in the commercials.

Sendayu Tinggi & Rozita IbrahimToday, everything is history. Sendayu Tinggi is today one of the most sought-after brands in the health supplement market with more than 200 different products to offer. Sendayu Tinggi is backed by 2000 over strong dealers and distributors with some of the distributors generating more than RM1 million revenue per month.

Today, Rozita signs checks and had appeared in advertising boards and in radio and television commercials. But it does not stop there. She has her own production plant and is a boss for 9 other companies she set up. Her company also produced their own television series, Anggun Ayu which is aired on TV3 and is now entering its 4th season. Rozita herself was nominated as finalist for the Women Icon Award 2007 (Anugerah Wanita Ikon 2007).

Rozita is enjoying every single moment of her life now. A life of total reversal from her previous struggle and desperation. Surely, her success does not come cheap. She paid it with high price. In the end, she emerged victorious in her own struggle and becomes an inspiration to others.

[Photo: Sendayu Tinggi website]

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